Saturday, October 31, 2009

*HaPpY HaLLoWeeN Ya'LL*

Happy Halloween everyone!!! This is my favorite holiday (next to Christmas, of course!) And it was a funnnn night!!!! I weighed myself this morning (after my detox bath last night) and lost .5!! Can I get a HALLELUJIAH!!? Amen!!! I am .3 away from a BIIIIIG (personal) loss for hopefully tomorrow is the day!!!

Dawson's bro & sis came by & we took pics of them....Dawson was a grim reaper, Kyan was a Lion, and Mylie was a lady bug!! Cuuuuute as ever!! I will post those pics later... I ended up going trick or treating with my nephew.  I was just going to pass out candy, but Dawson wanted me to go & I thought, this is exercise!! I will lose calories, what the heck!! I dressed up as a witch.... Scary face....cuuute from the chin down!! HAHA! A lot of my neighbors didn't know it was me!! LOL :) And good, because I did take candy from a few who offered! (Not that I'll be eating it for a few weeks...) Anyway...I lost my witches hat on the outing...Oh well. It was a lot of fun we went around our block, up the road & around by Layton.  There was a cute house with a mini Haunted House. That was a lot of fun too!!

Here are a few pics that were taken with my'll have to wait for the kiddo's pics for another day soon.... Until then, HAPPY HALLOWEEN & ENJOY THE PICS!

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