Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Another short blog.... I felt GREAT today!! It was a good day!! Didn't feel too hungry at all. I do dream about what I can eat soon, though! HAHA!!! I only lost .1 this morning, but I still feel great!! In about 2 lbs I will be at a weight I have not been in a long time & I cannot WAAAAAAIT!!! I hope it happens soon!!!

My Mom got me some Bare Essentials (early Christmas) to help my acne....when I bought the package a few weeks ago, it didn't come with the "bisque" and so my Mom secretly ordered it for me. It came today!! I was so excited!! It's NOT cheap stuff, but very worth it!!!


  1. Hey ladeeee what are your ultimate goals? I think you are going to hit it!

  2. Ultimately I want to lose 30 more lbs. I still have not decided if I will do another round of this in January....we will see when I get to that point! :)