Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yeah. That's my title. Just because :) I lost 1.4!!!!! I did not eat dinner last night though, it just got too late & so I didn't eat...probably part of my loss, but heck!! I'll take it!!

Today was went slow though :) I had plans with friends tonight...met up with my cute friend Sandra & went to Subway. I was SO good!! I ordered a salad (and I don't eat just a salad for dinner lol) with grilled wasn't too bad. Not my favorite as far as flavor goes...but hey! It did the trick :) We then went to see GI Joe...that wasn't as good as I was hoping, considering the only reason I went was for Channing Tatum. Ooh la la!! I want to kiss those sexy lips!! :) *moving on* Drank my water through the movie....

After that we met up with our cute friend Brenna to go to Wise Guys.  Vincent Lords is there all was supposed to be a Haunted Hypnosis. Not sure where the Haunted part was, but up!!! Yeah, shy old me *I'm sure you're all rolling on the floor laughing that I call myself shy* HAHAHA!!! I'm very NOT shy!!!! :) Anyway....I was really nervous to go up AND cold!!!! So....I got hypnotized!!! Halfway through I walked off the stage, because I wasn't feeling I was that hypnotized...but the first part was lots of fun!! :) Glad I was able to experience left me wayyyy relaxed, I'm excited for bed (it's 1:09 am and the only reason I'm still up is bc I promised to write someone better dang darn be reading & posting comments!! lol) I bet I will get some good Zzzzz's tonight :)

I peed on my ketone stick tonight...(i know you wanted to know that) and it was the DARKEST marroon it's away from the VERY darkest you can get (which is GOOD!) So I think the scale will be joyful tomorrow!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! What a fun game this is!! LOL :) Aren't I silly?? bed is eyes are falling...twinkle twinkle TINKLE TINKLE :) HAHAH!!!

XOXO Peace in da middle east XOXO


  1. It's good to hear you've found your groove and have figured out how to eat while out and about. That trips up a lot of people, because so many of the choices out there are just downright HORRIBLE--its easy to just give in. So congrats, that's another HUGE step forward!

    Last night was so much FUN! We're gunna have to start thinking about next month's reward social, because *I* am going to have some celebration for myself and so are you!! Keep up the good work--I am really and truly proud of you, you're an inspiration for me to get back on track again... only this time, I'm NOT going back to the old lifestyle. Keep up the good work, and keep me inspired. :D

  2. Love your post! Way to keep things positive!

  3. Sorry, Steph. That last post is from me, not you talking to yourself. lol