Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ninth Inning Ya'll!!

Here I am, another day, another dolla!! Oh....scratch that!! Just another day! :) And I'll take another day for all it's worth!!! :)

So I'm going to confess a BIG confession....certainly that's why I named this blog, what I did! Right?? RIGHT!! :) I did so well last night with dinner & everything.....I was even "coaching" a few girls, telling them YOU CAN DO THIS! Don't beat yourself up!! Tomorrow is another day! I had been on the computer (bored) and I ate 8 doritos..... Dag gone!! I was like man Stephanie, what are you doing..and I ate those babies and it felt like the worst sin I've ever commited!! And the scale proved it!! HA HA!!!! I gained .7 back!! My own fault & I can't sweat it...I'm only human & we all make mistakes. I jut need to remember....every step is another step forward....this "not eating doritos, cheetos, cake, potatoes, bread" won't last forever....I eventually will be able to enjoy those things in moderation. For now, I need to FOCUS on the prize at hand!! *(Me being 20+ lbs smaller!!) Who would complain?? Definitely, not ME!!Anyway a HUGE load has been lifted off my chest, confessing this "sin" lol...I am happy I did & tomorrow will bet as great as today was (even though the scale wasn't happy)

"The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finishing line"
Keep on keepin on!!


  1. Congratulations. For real. I know it FEELS like a sin, but actually... you just took a huge step forward. What I mean by that is that most people when they "cheat" they are not conscious that they had 8 chips, it could be one, twenty, the whole bag... Most people cheat with the feeling of "I can work it off tomorrow" or "I deserve this"... And as you said yourself, it's human nature to slip a bit. Nothing to beat yourself up over, like I said, you should be happy because you are conscious of your decisions and that's a huge deal for making healthy eating a lifestyle.

    After a while of a clean diet, things will start to sound unappealing or gross... like sugared cokes, heavy desserts, a lot of junk food. It's weird how the weak (me) can slip up and fall into the same trap over and over... The thing is you gotta be conscious of it, as soon as you are your body naturally adjusts itself to a better habit. But you are right, it won't last forever IF you allow it to... you can still treat yourself to cravings with healthy choices... just listen to your body...

    Sweets for example, eat fruit instead. Carbs, try whole grain crackers or bread... there's a ton of examples. I DO believe your body has cravings for a reason, you just gotta use helpful substitutions to keep the weight off for good! My trainer basically said when you grocery shop to use the outer aisles and avoid the center ones completely... Stay away from processed food, they are the devil. LOL

    Good job... seriously, you need to pat yourself on the back!

  2. I am in agreement with the person above. 8 Chips is way better than, I ate the whole bag or something like that. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. How could you eat 7 Doritos???? What in the H were you thinking you sinner!!! :)
    But seriously, do not get down on yourself when you slip every once in a while. Just vow that it won't happen again.
    For me, (this is just what I find helpful) I find that if I slip...I slip. I try not to beat myself up. the same time if I let myself think that oh its alright to cheat once a day...then I start cheating 2 times a day and then 3 and 4 times. And then my cheating goes from one bite of a donut to a whole donut. And once that happens I feel like the biggest piece of crap ever!! And now it becomes a whole lot harder getting back on the wagon.

    Steph it sounds like you are doing wonderful!! :) Seriously!!! So happy for you! Keep up the good work!

  4. Steph! I downed way too many doritos, i promise you WAY more than 8. (last night) i actually thought of you! 8 is ok, its not going to harm you. i'm thinking i should do an eating blog.