Monday, October 12, 2009

Sketti?? I've never had this kind before :)

OH MY FLIPPIN' HEAVENS!!! What a fabulous day!!! I only lost .2, but SHOOT! That's better than gaining!!!! :) My mother made the most DELIGHTFUL, most DELICIOUS meal tonight!!!! SPAGHETTI!!!!! Instead of noodles we had steamed cabbage...cut up & it FELT LIKE EATING NOODLES!! I'm not even lying here folks!! It was truly a delightful dish!! I would eat this OFF the "diet!!!" :)  She made the sauce (from scratch) over the weekend...we have the book with all the recipes...and she put it in the fridge, so we could eat it this week. She had hers with just the sauce & cabbage, but I put the low fat ground beef (100 grams) we're allowed to have....I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it!! Heaven I'm TELLING YOU!! :)

Okay...enough with the caps :) How was everyone's weekend?? Anything spooky-fun going on? I just love this month!! I grow younger as the years go on!! I wish (for a moment) I weren't on HCG so I could bake! bake! bake! All the fun things for this month...but I'll be patient & wait :) I'll cook them for Christmas. LOL! :)

Thanks for all your positive influences!! It's helped me!! And thank you for letting me blog about my weight everyday...I know it probably gets old to hear it every day...but this blog is one (more) thing that keeps me on this diet. I have set myself up to write in this EVERY DAY and that means I can't write about cheating....(well big cheats) so it keeps me on track!! For that, THANK YOU!!!! XOXO

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