Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ghetto! Really!

Posting an early blog, just in case I don't get home early enough tonight....
Lost .5 this morning...YAY!! Hallelujah! I'd be happy with 2lbs, but .5 will do. LOL!

Went to Gardner Village with my family. Including my nephew's baby brother & sister. It would have been more fun, but it started raining shortly after we got there & fussy kids don't make for the best time :) Oh was still fun....

We made a trip to's a new grocery store in West Jordan.  They have one in West Valley as well..ran into a little drama. I should just keep my mouth shut, but the tinsy bit of hood in me came out... Don't hate me.  We were trying to find a parking spot....there were two cars in front of us, the one car directly in front of us cut the car off in front of THEM and took a spot. We were all in the car like: HOW RUDE....except blood was boiling...I couldn't believe how rude that was...I got OUT of the car (Yes, I'm NOT proud of it...just being honest...) and I said to the man what a jerk he was and walked back in the car. Little did any of us know, they were WITH the car in front of them....okay okay, our bad....but we didn't know that until after I said: Do you kiss your daughter with that mouth? Umm yeah.... Where it came from, I don't know...normally I wouldn't have such rage....but man I was upset...

We find a spot & EVERYONE in our car, but Dad & I did NOT want to go in....we're like we're going we did...the guy is running his mouth & I said We can hear you (What am I thinking??? Sheeeesh Stephanie, get a hold of yourself!) and he starts at it again...he is getting in my Dad's face...his wife tells us to just back off (she said that because he can't control himself) and the other lady took the KIDS away...yes, the KIDS.  She said let's go, your dad doesn't know how to act in front of children. I was like, apparently not. So my Dad is trying to APOLOGIZE to the guy....the guy said if we had minded our own business, this wouldn't have I said you're right, but if it were the other way around (I was playful at this point and he was smiling too) you would have done the same thing...His wife pipes up.....just running her mouth....I'm like wow. I said He is just apologizing...she said It's over & done with just drop it!! I told her to chill and maybe said a choice word.....and walked off..she got all upset & said Now is that any way to talk?? (I should have just not said anything in the first place, I DO realize this....) So I said I don't have children standing by me like YOU do....that was I walk into the store & wait for my Dad (he is still making peace with the guy) I could NOT believe myself, first off...and the way the girl overreacted about the situation.   GHETTO!!! 

I realize that I was in the wrong too....I  just can't believe the girl would not accept my Dad's apology....I have NEVER been in a fight & I am USUALLY the peacemaker... So yeah. Now that I've completely embarrassed myself.... I'll cover myself in sugar... err leaves :) haha



  1. Aw man! Ya I think sometimes people are too wrapped up in themselves to realize there's a world around them. Sometimes just a little common courtesy goes a long way. You never know what's going on in the other person's life. Thats why I always say smile, cause you may be making a difference in their life and not even know it. LOL Oh well, live and learn. It's human nature to get upset every now and then, and I agree they behaved badly after an apology.

    Aside from that experience, how was winco? I've been meaning to check it out--I hear they have some decent sales and I'm all about saving a few bux these days. (More I save the more I can play and gosh, I need it!)

  2. It's GREAT!!!! We got a TON of great steals!!!