Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hauntalicious Spooktacular!!

I lost another 1.4!!!! WOOO!!! My grand total is 18.5 in 19 days!! (I think it's been 19...3 weeks on Monday so yeah) Not eating late is getting easier...but I still do have cravings like I'm a pregnant lady ready to pop!!! :) I want Pizza! I want Chocolate!! I want PB!! But...I want to lose weight & inches more than I want those foods....SO THERE!!! Eat that, weight!!! :0)

I am eating a piece of steak & fresh green beans as we speak!! Mmm Mmm good!! Today I was a bit hungry...but I went to bed late & woke up (late lol) so I didn't take my morning's okay!! I WILL SURVIVE!!! :)

I am on my way to a spooky fun night of Haunted Houses!!! Haunted House!!! I can't waiiiiiit!! Please pray for never know the last time those Ghosts & Goblins ate a decent meal....Maybe I'll bring some pepper spray...just to be safe!! Brenna's bringing the garlic!!! Ahhh! I bet we'll attract lots of boys with our stenchy accessories!! :)


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