Saturday, October 10, 2009


So here I am...another Saturday!! I made it & this time I didn't cry! :) I'm down another 1.5, for a total of 14.4 lbs and 12 something inches!!! How exciting!!! It seems like I've been on this diet forever....missing all the things I once could have, at the same time I've lost so much, in such a little amount of time!! MAKES THIS GIRL HAPPPPPPPY! :)

Nothing exciting to write today...thought a lot about peanut butter *my fave* and sweets, but didn't eat them.....sometimes the smell is just as good as the taste *NOT lol*

I did pamper myself a bit today & bought some Bare Essentials make up!! A little treat for Mom has been wearing their make up for 6 years & swears on it ..... :) So we went to the mall & we bought some for ourselves! :) That was a nice treat.  One thing I can't stand now at the malls...those dang darn people & their "sea shit" DONT BUG ME WITH YOUR LOTIONS & POTIONS! I said "no" once, do NOT ask me another question :) HAHAH!! Those people are SO annoying!!! And then you KNOW they're thinking in their heads....."These damn Americans are SO cheap!" HA! Well here's to you!! *CHEERS*

The End...


  1. Come to China. Now only are you a tourist attraction but at the markets the touch you and grab you. It can kind of invade your bubble if you are not prepared. But the haggleing is kind of fun!

  2. Catherine!!! I SO have to come there!!! Would you let me come stay with you?? I will cook for you!!! :)