Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday ~ Day 5

Better than yesterday, that's fo SHO!!! :) I weighed in and only down .4, that's OKAY!!! Mom and I did our measurements (just to see) and I'm down 8 inches all over!!! That made up for the weight part!! How exciting!!!

Today I was trying to just get through the day, no breakdowns!! :) I drank most of my water (still have 2 hours until beddy bye time) and I'm happy about that!! Two things that are really important on this diet are 1-Getting 8 hours of sleep....people say they notice a difference in their weight if they don't sleep 8 hours. 2- WATER! WATER! WATER! It feels you up & it's GREAT for you!! So I'm going to do those two things for sure from here on out!

I really wish the weekends would last longer....sometimes they just fly by way too fast!! :) I went to Bunko on Friday & Saturday I basically was a lazy bum for most of the day as well as today...but that's my favorite part of Sundays!! BUMDAYS!! :) I couldn't believe all the wind & rain I heard last was kind of cool!! I normally don't like rain, but we definitely could use some!!! :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend & hopefully I'll have something amazing to say tomorrow, today's blog is kind of blah :) SORRIES!! Thank you for reading anyway!!



  1. Way to go Steph. I love catching up with your journey. Let me tell you today I started eating better, being with little kids all day (nanny) i don't think i realized how many things I put into my mouth... bits and pieces of food i don't need. I'm gonna be good. It's about feeling better right? eating crap makes you feel just like crap. I know clever sentence? Good luck babe!

  2. You are awesome Shay!! And verrry RIGHT!! I didn't realize how much I loved food until this "journey" :) It's a very interesting one... But great!! I'm glad I h ave readers!! It makes my writing in it, more worth it. THANK YOU!! And good luck to you, but you're tinsy anyway! :)