Monday, October 5, 2009

Stupendous Stamper!!~ Day 6

Hey ya'll!! Tonight was "stampin up" night!!! I am in a Stamp Group and we get together once a month, on Monday's.  It was great fun!! Tonight was MY "hostess month" and I brought no bake cookies to share...didn't eat any there of course!!! :) Pretty proud of that... It was a fun night though!! Made a few fun cards & hung out!! Got my mind out of the "food gutter" :)

I weighed in this morning...only .1 That is NOT going to stop me!! :) It's all about how I feel inside, right? I eventually will continue to lose...I think not drinking all the water I'm supposed to has a lot to do with my I'm doing it was my TOM :) Lucky me!!!

I feel pretty good tonight, I feel satisfied. I made a small steak when I got home, it was 9p, but I was pretty hungry & didn't want to go to bed dreaming about food & then be hungry in thr morning.  It's hard to go to bed hungry when you know in your mind that you can't eat again until lunch the next day...but every day is a new day!! A challenge sometimes, but still I wake up & think to myself TODAY WILL BE GREAT!! And usually... *laughs at myself* it is! :) Like I've said many times before, I am not perfect, nor claim to be...but happiness & optimism are two things I DO want out of this FABU-LOSS journey (thanks Brenna for the fabuloss!)  Even though I think about food a LOT... (probably because I can't have what I'm usually craving) it puts things into perspective...everything shouldn't be revolved around what I can or cannot eat. I try & keep my mind occupied (with this Blog for instance!) It has helped a lot!!

I hope the Monday blues didn't keep anyone away!! I hope you had a great day & I can't wait to write you tomorrow!!! Ta-ta for now!! XOXO


  1. Couple of things. You increased your water and that's a good thing but if your body was dehydrated to begin with and it th TOM your body will retain the moisture which is why you are seeing what you are on the scales. The good news is that to lose water weight, as counterintuitive as it sounds, you need to drink more water. I wouldn't advocate it now because I'm not totally versed with hcg but fish oil during TOM will help with fat loss. Another favorite of mine is tonalin and caffeine but that's based on my diet plan. Anyway point is don't let the scale talk. Let your body and loose fitting clothes do the talking! I'm excited for you girl! Keep up on the water and ignore the weight the scale says cause water weighs 8 pounds per gallon. It's normal to flux 5 to 8 in a single day based on waterweight. But in the end the water will satisfy cravings, flush toxins, and fuel your fat burning machine. WTG girl!!

  2. I'm soooo sad I missed last night. I'm in stupid Alabama for work. I'm glad you're doing so well. Keep it up, yo!

  3. Dang you Salti!!!! I missed you!!! :( I was excited to go & then you weren't there!! LOL :) I'm sorry.... xoxo THANKS for the tips!