Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey there!!! Today I gained (again) .1's frustrating, but it's my fault.  I know I'm not following protocol exactly & it disappoints me.  I was doing so good for so long. I only have 2 more weeks of this...I can do it!! I just need to put my head on straight!!!

I reeeeally reeeeally need to try harder!! This week I can't give myself ANY credit..BOO!! I'm sorry...trying not to be negative...but this is HARD!! I want to cry...but I won't.

The End.

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  1. Don't get upset girl or be down on yourself. Remember WHY you decided you wanted to lose weight. And remember how good you are feeling when you do well. Remember your triumphs, use them as motivation. Negativity does nothing but drags us down... It's ok to be conscious of a mistake but don't dwell on it, because .1 lb, even 2-10 lbs in the grand scheme of it is not a biggie... It can be recovered in a snap. What can't be is the feeling of being defeated.

    Now, forgive yourself and keep looking forward. For what it's worth, you really ARE doing well. I'm not really one to just say it to say it, I really mean it... And guess what? You have the hard stuff behind you! Whatever you think of yourself is what you will become because perception is reality.

    BTW, I gave you a new indian tribal name... It's Kickin' Butt. :D

    Love ya. xoxo