Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving along!

Hey ya'll!! The past two days and have been really small losses... today was -.2 which is better than nothing!! :) I can't complain! I am -21.9 lbs lost!!! WOO HOO!! :)

Tonight my sister made chili (protocol chili) and it was pretty good...I think my taste buds are acting weird since this whole "not eating a lot" and some seasonings I'm not too fond the chili was good!! But halfway through, I just couldn't eat anymore...maybe it was the spicy part of it.  But THANK YOU SIS for making a great Hcg meal for us!!!!

I drank a TON of water today!! I am happy!! Haha!! I probably drank the amount we're supposed to!! Yee HAW!! I am a really boring blogger these past few days...sorry!! Let's hope the weekend brings exciting stories to share!!!


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