Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DAY 7~ I Made It!!

Here I am folks!!! 7 days!!! ONE week in!!! Today has  been a FABULOUS day!! Absolutely great!!! I don't have a thing to complain about...I've felt pretty great all day long!! I was a teensie bit hungry this morning, but drank my water every time I thought I was "hungry" and I was fine until lunch!! :)

I have so many people (Mom, Candice, & friends) who are SO supportive & it's so wonderful!! I love the encouraging words!! Words of wisdom!! HAHA :)

Oh! I dropped .8 lbs ...so I'm over my 10 lb mark!! 10.2 to be exact!! I know it's not ALL about how much I lose....but losing is GREAT!!! It keeps me motivated!! Inches, or pounds!!! I'm all for it!!! Now if my mountains (boobies) would disappear a bit I'd be SO happy!!! Ahh! No surgery required!! LMBO!! (laugh my butt off)

I would NEVER have guessed I would make it a whole week on this thing...let's be honest people!!! Either we REEEEEEEEEEALLY want to lose weight & be healthy, or we're INSANE!! And honey's....I'm not insane!! LOL!! So....I'm going to keep on keepin' on!! Til I feel so great I can do it on my own~ of course I will finish the 5 weeks + 3 weeks maintenance...which leaves 7 more weeks :) WOO HOO!!!


  1. Good job, girlie! Week 1 down, only 7 to go! You can do it.

    We should get together sometime soon because I'm probably not going to make it to any more of our Monday night classes. Traveling for work kinda sucks. I live in a hotel now! I'm inviting you to my housewarming party when I have one!

  2. Congratulations on your first week! That is wonderful weight loss, too! Yay!