Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day ~8~ Feeling Great!!

I say this every day, but I am SO happy!!! I feel GREAT!! I can't believe what each day brings. No crazy cravings!! Of course I look forward to the yummies I can have once in a while, but I'm not dying!! HAHA!!

I woke up (like I do every day...imagine that!) and weighed myself....I had to step off the scale (like I do every day) and weigh again...I lost 2.5 lbs!!! For a total of 12.7!!! I was in disbelief!! How could this be?? I did not eat my fruit, or vegetable last I was scared I may not lose much at all. I can't make that a habit, of course but it was a great feeling this morning!!

The whole day was pretty awesome!! Woke up, had energy!! Felt great!! I'm still having  hard time drinking so much water & I'm sure I'm not drinking enough, but will keep at it. I love writing here & knowing that people are reading...because I want other people to feel great about themselves!! I am not a "diet" person, but this isn't really a's a way to change your metabolism & how you eat...calories in---calories out (when it's all said and done)  I have TWO great things to look forward to (that keeping me going) 1~My brother comes home in February, after 2 years!!! It will be so great to see him & (hopefully) be a skinny Steph!!! 2~Family vacay in March to Florida!!! WOOO HOO (Thank you Cat for letting us buy your time share) So hopefully those two things keep me ON TRACK & ROARING!! If this is how thin feels, I don't want to go back!! :)

I couldn't imagine living off 500 calories forever, of course, but to jump start things it's been AMAZING!!  I can already imagine myself being at my goal. My goal is 50 lbs total..and if I choose to do HCG again, I will do another round in January!!

Hope your day was as amazing as mine!! XOXO


  1. You are doing so great Steph! I am proud of you!! And believe it or not, what you are feeling is just the tip of the iceburg... imagine how you are going to feel when you do hit your goal. I wish there was a way to explain how great it feels, but you'll see. Dieting changes your body, spirit, and soul to the better. Just never forget, and remember to keep moving forward!

  2. Steph!! You seriously are such an inspiring person. Not even in regards to the diet (which you are with that too) but mostly your positive attitude. You just have a way of making people laugh and making life seem so great. I appreciate reading your blog and the motivation you bring to the table! Great job girl!

  3. Awsome. So glad to here things are still going strong!!