Thursday, October 15, 2009


SO.....another day....and I gained :( .4.  There must have been dag gone butta on that broccoli!!! :) It's okay...I'm just going to "fuhgettaboutit" and move on :) I've been "testing" my pee on this Ketone stick every day....Yes, I use a NEW one each The darker the color, the more fat you're burning!!! Mine has been burning lots, so I hope to REAP a reward on the scale soon!! I know that that scale isn't everything, so I make sure to stay positive.

Today I was a little hungry...but I'm feeling pretty great.  I am going to guzzle my water & DRINK like a champ all night long!!! Another fun part of my day....I got to pick up my STAMPIN UP stuff!!! I am in a fun stamp group, we meet once a month on Monday's & make FUN, CUTE cards!!! It's in Draper, but really really fun.  She is doing a start up one starting in anyone interested? The downfall is driving to Draper once a month....let me know!!! I'm getting all crafty on ya!! :) I have been LOVING reading stuff to do for holidays! Like little gifts to give away...they're fun!!!

And what's up with this weather?? Is it summer again or is it fall?? LOL I will never understand mother nature (in Utah) she is definitely a trickster!! :) Speaking of tricksters!! TRICK OR TREAT is coming quickly!!! I can't wait!!! I'm sure you haven't noticed how much I stinkin heart this holiday!! I wish I could work from I could bake all day & be crafty!! Yes!! That's the perfect job!! Working at home baking & making cute stuff!! I'll letcha know how that turns out *coming back to reality*

Anyway!! That is enough for now!! Ciao Bella!!


  1. LOL! You crack me up! Gotta have a sense of humor right?! :) That's all I want to do all day long is stay home, bake and make cute things! I am going to forget reality for a moment, too. :):) Because in reality I think I would scarf down all the bake goods I could right now. :)

  2. Pee on a stick, eh? That's an interseting tid bit of info that i wasn't aware of being possible in this life. Take it easy on yourself with the .4, you probably were just retaining water..