Monday, October 19, 2009

4th Week FeVeR FeVeR (no lie)

I went home early today (from work) because I have a fever...and boy is it NOT FUN :( I'm not going to lie....I had a tinsy spoon of PB when I got home (after nothing all day) and I know I'm only cheating I'm going to let you know I AM NOT PERFECT :)

I did however, lose .9 this morning and MET MY 2nd GOAL!!!! 20.4 lbs!!!! I am very thrilled, although I don't feel my best!!! It's an amazing feeling & I know when I'm "done" I will make better food choices for myself...I even weighed myself this afternoon when I got home for work to see where I was's silly but I'm ADDICTED to weighing in!! HAHA

Honestly, (I know I've said this before) but the few things that get me through this, are  my family & friends support, blogging & knowing I can eat somewhat normal (healthy normal) again....I don't know if anyone in their right mind could do this FOREVER.... :) I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just's tough! :)  I like variety in my food...and it feels like we try to vary what eat, but not a huuuge list of variations :) When we can add more choices, it will definitely be better!!! I'm still very happy I chose to do this & I'm SO glad people read this & I hope it helps in whatever way it can to those of you!!

Thanks again, for all your love & support

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  1. unfortunately, you are right. The pitfalls of low cal is you can't do it forever, your body will revolt. The positive part of it is that it allows for quick weight loss which gives you a pallette to continue with your goals over a long period of time. It also gives you encouragement that you CAN lose weight no matter how hard you think it is to lose. You've got your metabolism going, at phase 2 (I guess a lot of diets call it a mainenence) is where you make it a lifestyle--you slowly add in things you like, so it's something you can do for an extended time. A lot of people do a low calorie plan then back it with south beach or weight watchers, or what I'm trying to do. It's all a matter of preference, there is no "right" diet, it's about doing what works for you! Obviously the HCG has worked for you, that is so fantastic! Keep going girl, you will cross the finish line in no time and say "Really, I made that big of a deal? That was easier than I thought!" Awesome, awesome girl...