Sunday, October 18, 2009


3 weeks is here!!!! MY LANTA!!! :) It's been a hard road...(still 6 to go...) but I feel like I have accomplished a LOT in these 3 weeks!! And boy, does it feel GREAT!!!  I lost another
1 lb today!! 19.5 lbs total!! I'm hoping I'm at least down .5 tomorrow, so I can be at my 2nd goal--- 20 lbs!! Hip hip hoooray!!!

How was everyone's weekend?? Mine was pretty good!! I'm not looking forward to the week though!! LOL :)




  1. I love your blogs, it is good to hear such amazing progresses. 20 lbs is a significant loss, you are amazing sistagirl! OH BTW, I forgot to tell you that I can definately see a change in your body--it's looking fantastic, you should be so freaking proud! Keep going girl... I have bets that you are going to hit your target!

  2. I hope you have before and after pictures for us. I think it is time to see one if you don't mind. Almost a 20 pound drop is so awesome. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Way to go, Steph! Love your blog!

  4. I lied...I just realized (today) that there are only 5 more weeks!! (THANK HEAVENS!) haha!! 2 more weeks of this...and then we can add CHEESE!! and our homemade dressings!! And more choices!!! AHHH!! Just no sugars or starches, but that is FINNNNNE! :)
    Catherine...can you wait 5 more weeks? I PROMISE to post a before & after then...if I feel good enough....I'll post a before and one now....just not sure yet :)
    Thank you brenna!! You are SO sweet & supportive, for that I love you!!
    And already know I love you!!! You're my BFF!!! :) Thanks for putting up with me *tears are rolling...* Man this drop stuff is making me emo :) HAHA