Thursday, November 26, 2009

~Giving Thanks on this Special Day~

Although every day should be "thanksgiving," today is the official Holiday.  The reason I say that. is because I don't think we give enough praise to the things we have & are thankful for.  I'm guilty of it, I definitely take the "small stuff" for granted. 

I want to give a BIG thanks to my wonderful family!! Without them, I wouldn't have anything.  I don't say it often enough, but I truly am grateful for both of my parents & my siblings, including my nephew!!  They have always been there for me, even when I was a snotty teenager, trying to do the opposite of everything I had been taught.  Sorry, Mom! :) 

I am thankful for my dearest friends, the ones who are *always* there for me, when others have not been. You know who you are & I am grateful for you. I am thankful for my job, I know a lot of people are being laid off & some just don't have work.  I am grateful to have a secure, steady job & I know that I am appreciated there (more than I know if that makes sense..haha! I don't give myself enough credit for my work, I've been told)  I am thankful for the house I live in (thanks Mom & Dad, one day I will move out...again!), the shoes on my feet, the hair on my head, the warm clothes I have, my car that gets me to where I'm going, without a fit.  There are SO many more things that I am grateful for, if I listed them all, you'd be reading all day! 

Since this is my "HCG" site....I also need to give thanks to Hcg, without it I would still be unhappy & miserable in my own skin.  I am truly grateful for my Auntie Connie, who shared this little secret with us & for helping us in every way possible.  I am also thankful for my Hcg friends, I've met some wonderful people on the online postings &  they have always been there to help & reassure ANYONE who need its!  Thank you girls!! ANd guys!!! Without you, I probably wouldn't have made it this far!!! And for once in my life, I'm kind of excited to start another round in January! I really feel the VLCD helps you think about what you're putting into your mouth & I feel better doing it!! This next time I will definitely try even harder than I did on the first round!! I WILL be skinny!!! :)

Thank you again for reading my posts, sometimes they may bore...but I try to keep them funny & non-boring!! :) Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, filled with Family, Friends, good (healthy) Food & Fun!! Be safe if you're traveling!!!

<3 xOxO

Friday, November 20, 2009


I am OBVIOUSLY over the whole "blogging every day" scenario.  I am on Day 5 of Maintenance & I feel pretty damn good if I say so myself!  I gained once, or twice a little bit (which is normal might I add) but I've been losing lately! WEIRD! Like today.... .9 down! I even ate an egg at 10:30p last night!!! I for sure thought I would gain...but I'm doing well.  I decided the LIW should definitely be last Friday's weigh in...I have to stay within the 2lb rule, or else!! These 3 weeks are incredibly important to the future!  You go above, or below the LIW 2lbs or more & it really screws with your hypothalamus & you will gain!!! And it won't be pretty, nor easy to get back off.   So, I am going to stay within & just work it.  Since I'm already planning on a round 2, I don't think I should "cheat" the system by losing too much.

On a non~diet note....Mom, Candice & I saw NEW MOON last night at Gateway!! We had the 7:30p showing.  So delightfully good!! I could cuddle with Jacob ALL NIGHT LONG!! Frankly, I could cuddle with Jacob & Edward...I would definitely take Jacob over Eddy though, sorry sweets!! :) I have a thing with muscles & a tan physique. DELISHUSH!!!  I wasn't able to finish the 2nd book, but that's okay.  I will finish it up soon.  There were some "teenage" girls in the theater screaming in parts of the movie & I wanted to shush them with super glue!! :) Let us adults enjoy the show kiddo's!! They should've been in bed anyway, right?  13 going on 3! LOL

Check out my other blog!! I have NON~HCG related recipes on there!! LOL!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~Steak Day...kind of~

So....technically I didn't neeeeeed to do a "steak day," but I did.  I had nothing for breakfast, nothing to eat for lunch, drank a ton of water & had some nuts & a steak for dinner.  I did a detox bath last night...just because & I'm hoping that this semi~steak day helps on the scale, along with the bath! :)

So I'm up 1.3 (OMG OMG OMG!!!) from LIW= last injection weight (for me it's drops, not injections) but...the day after, I lost 2.5 lbs!! I want THAT weight to be my LIW!!! HAHA! :) I am going to lose it, whatever I have to do!!

It's *OFFICIAL* I have decided to do ROUND 2 in January!! This tinsy bit of gaining is getting to me & I have no reason NOT to do another round...Only this time it will be 23 days, not 43!! Can I get an AYYYYMEN!?!?! And the only thing I have to lose is....POUNDS & INCHES!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

<3 XoXo

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

None too late...

SO...I've obviously been lagging in the blog-writing. Basically, because I gained over the weekend & I didn't feel like *shouting* it out to the World :)

On another note...I AM ON MAINTENANCE!!! WOO HOO!!

On anotherrrrr note....I had my interview today....went in feeling positive!! I left, feeling: "I shouldn't have said this....I should have done that.....Why didn't I ask this?" But such is life! I did *MY* best & I'm happy I was able to interview, regardless!! A BIG thank you to my *good* friend, for telling me about the opening. She's the bomb dot com! :) Ya hear that?? BOMBDOTCOM! :)

This morning after my interview, I came home & made an omelet. A REAL omelet. It was delicious. I put some cheese in it, so hopefully I don't gain tomorrow. I know we are supposed to limit cheese.   I had a salad (again) with grilled chicken, mushrooms, cheese, & cucumbers.  It was pretty dang good! I used a homemade ranch dip, that my sister made. Thanks, sis!! :)

That's all I have for now....Enjoy this exciting blog! <3

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I think HOT GREEN (is that even a color?? if not i'm happy to make it up! lol) is a good color to start this blog off today!!!! I'm sorry for not writing yesterday, lonnnng night :) I'm GLAD I had a long night, because I burned off a TON of calories (I guess!).  I weighed early this morning and was down .8 & then I weighed in again (after I went back to sleep) & lost MORE!!! So I am officially down 1.7 today!!! YAYY!!!! I couldn't be more happy!!! Friday the 13th brought nothing but good news!!!!

I applied for a job a few weeks ago, in Layton  & I heard back from them earlier this week.  I had to go in and take an analytical test (not easy!) and they called me back yesterday, Friday to "invite" me to an interview!!! 400 people applied for this job!!! Only 65 were called to take the that is something to be proud of!!! Whether or not I get this job (I reeeeeeeeally want it!!!) I am happy that I did MY best & that's all I can do!  If it's meant to be, it will be!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job now....I have been there 8 years, but there is no room to grow.  This other job would be a great experience for me!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

I probably won't be writing again this post will count for 2 blogs!! Thanks for all the positive wishes!!! You've all been so great through this whole experience!! I thank you all for that!!!

<3 & xOxO!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Don't mind the Cheerios or the messy room! Sorries!

30, fLiRtY & ThRiViNg!!!!

No.....I didn't turn 30 today!!! But....I did get to my goal!!! 30lbs!!! 30.3 to be exact :)  I am SO excited!!!! And proud!!! This is a major accomplishment for me, not only because of the weightloss.  A good friend of mine asked me a very interesting question today....(something I hadn't thought of in 7 weeks) She asked if I had ever completed a GOAL that I had.  She knows me VERY well!! :) I thought about it & I said, NO. I haven't!!!  :o) So DOUBLE YAY!! It's a pretty big milestone for me!!!

Tomorrow we start the NO drops!!! Still 500 calories though....Ahhhh!!! The next 3 days (before Maintenance) should be very interesting....if I'm grumpy towards you, it's because I'm HUNGRAYYY! Don't hate! Just ignore me, ignore me and give me a big hug!! Then go a bag of PB M&M's and call it a night!! HAHA!!

Another happy note....tomorrow is *f*R*i*D*a*Y*~!!!! YaYYY and a half!!! Last day of work, before the weekend!!! WOO HOO HOO!!!!  I hope ya'll have a fantabulous evening!!

Toodaloo!! <3 xOxO

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~HaPpY VeTeRaN's DaY~

First & foremost, I want to say *THANK YOU* to the past, present & future troops who have served our country over the years!!!  We, as American's owe our freedom to all of you!! So once again, Thank You for our wonderful country full of freedom!! I am proud to be a part of the USA !!! 

Secondly, Yay!!! I know I say this often (lately) but I can't waiiiiiit for Maintenance!! WOO HOO!!! I lost 1.2 lbs this morning!!! It's weird....sometimes when I do a detox, I either lose a lb or more the next day, or nothing & then the next day I lose. Which is fine, no complaining from me!!! It's just kind of weird.  And maybe it's what I'm eating too...I haven't written about what I eat every day...which I think I may regret later on....that's okay! I'm almost there!!! WE (you know who you are!) are almost there!!! YAY US!!! Let's pat ourselves on the back, for sticking with this!!!!

Another happy thing....I keep thinking about my brother...and he will be home in just over 3MONTHS!!!!!!! I am SO excited!!!!! He is another reason why I've kept with this diet!!! After not seeing him for 2 years, I want to look a LOT better (healthier) than the last time he saw me!!!!  This <3 is for you COR!!!!! I love you!!!!

<3 xOxO

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


SO....I gained .4 this morning...that's okay! I lost so much the other day, I can't expect that all the time! :) I took a detox & am hoping tomorrow brings truth to that, on the scale! :) WOO!!!

Have I told ya'll how excited I am to be done with this FABULOUS diet?? I am ready for a new adventure aka: new foods!! :) HAHA!! I love to cook/bake & am excited to try some fun, new recipes I have come across...I just need to keep an eye on the scale & make sure I don't over do it with the "new" foods!  When you do something for a long period of time, it either gets *BORING*, or you get used to it & like it. Well...ya'll know how I feel! :) LOL

I feel great!! Life is good right now!!! I'm getting my hair did this weekend & CANNOT wait!!! Losing weight, new hairstyle & MAYBE a new job....nothing better!!! I'm a happy girl!!! Hope tomorrow brings as much happiness as today!!!

Until then... <3 xOxO

Monday, November 9, 2009

MoNDaY FuNDaY :)

Today I didn't gain, nor did I lose. I am okay with that, I am happy regardless :) I lost 1.9 yesterday & if I stall for a day, that's fine....I just hope it's not a few days :)
Anyway, today is MONDAY...and normally Monday's are terrible, awful, no good! :) The end of a weekend & the start of another *fabulous* week at work! :) But really, it went by pretty quickly & painlessly.  I finished money REEEEALLY fast today!!!  I don't know how I pulled it off, but I did!! :) Can I get a WOO WOO??!

How was YOUR weekend?? How was your Monday?? I hope it was swell!! I have nothing too interesting to say today, sadly. Just glad I'm home!! :)

Until tomorrow, <3  xoxo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heyy Heyyy Heyyyyy, Goodbye!! :)

SO.....I finally skipped a day of blogging...Ahh! I won't beat myself up, I was TIRED last night! :) I went out with a friend last night & didn't get home until late. It was fun spending time with her :) Sbbf!

I got on the scale this morning & about peed my pants right then & there!! I totally planned on not losing much....I didn't think I got all my water in & I didn't get my 8 hours of sleep. BUT....I lost 1.9lbs!!!! I am down to 29.1 lbs!! And in exactly a week, we will be done with 500 calories & moving on to maintenance!!! HALLELUJIAH!!!! It's almost here!! We can add in LOTS of variety!!! (I am so thrilled!!!) I've loved this diet, because it has TOTALLY helped me realize that I need to watch what I eat.  I can still have the foods I love, but in moderation.  Also, it has given me a jump start to the loss I have REALLY wanted!!! So, THANK YOU HCG (lol) for getting the ball rolling!!! This is a pretty bland diet, but I really owe thanks to this!!!
On another note...I love SUNDAYS!!!! It's my lazy day!!! Stay home, chill, be a bum & watch food network!! HAHA! I simply love it!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Tomorrow we're back to the grind... :) HAHA


Friday, November 6, 2009


It's finally here!!! Woo woo!! (Friday, I mean) & I was gruuuuuuumpy today! :) Good thing I got off work early...or I would have cracked!!! lol.  I lost .5 this morning, not too shabby!! I'm pleased :o)

I went to Kohl's after work to get my shopping fix (which also helps me when I'm ornery LOL) and I bought a cuuuute purple long sleeve top for $4.99!! Hollaaaa! I wore it tonight, to hang out with my friend Dani & her to munchkins :P  It was a lot of fun!! We made dinner & just had a really fun time!! It's good to spend time with old friends who knew you back in the day...I like having the kind of friends who, even if you don't see each other every pick up where you left off!! No fuss, just chatting about life!! My kind of night!! Thanks Dani! :)

Goodnight blogger world...I'm beat! :)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

This fall weather ROCKS!

I am in love with this FALL weather!!! We all know mother nature (especially here in Utah) has a way of showing us whose boss!!'s scary to think how beautiful it is outside. Nice & warm, I even went walking with my Mom tonight. Snow is just around the corner...I know how you work Miss Mother Nature Thang!! But, until then, I will continue to enjoy the nice, warm weather!!  <~There were wayyyy too many comma's in that sentence.  Sorry ya'll.

I'm trying to use fun, fall colors in this blog. Can you tell? (How boring am I..) Okay, so I gained .1 this morning. Why? I have no clue...But whatever.  I am trying not to be bugged by a little .1  I've got to get used to not gaining any more than 2 lbs, so I shouldn't freak about a tinsy .1!!

I am SO excited that tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!! I can barely stand it!! This week....& all the weeks past, have just drug on & on & on & on... :) Tomorrow, my friend Dina & I are leaving work early to go to the SCRAPBOOK Warehouse!! Heyyyy!! :)

Until then... xoxo

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today was a pretty awesome day!!! Outside, the sun was shining!!! I LOVE that!!! Especially in NOVEMBA!!! I didn't lose a single lb today...and I'm NOT bummed!! :) I was like, that's fine...things are coming to hault (shortly) and I've done well...considering my few "crutches."

I made some YUMM-O meatloaf (sounds gross, but I truly make some bomb diggity meatloaf ya'll!!!) along with some green beans. Delish-e-oh-so!! HAHA.  I got some more Epsom Salt & Baking Soda (not powder!! lol) to take a Detox bath tonight! :) They're so relaxing & when you lose, it's even that much more exciting!!

Anyway...26.4 lbs is not bad in 6 weeks! I won't complain...& if I DO...remind me of this!! HAHA! I hope everyone is doing great & fabulous!!

ALSO...I just found this tonight (if you're interested in this diet) There is a lady named Tami who charges $25 per 2oz bottle!! A lot of the online places charge $50+ And who has that kind of money to spend on liquid diet? HAHA! I guess it's not terrible..But anyway... her email is

Happy Hump Night!!! XOXO

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 37!!!

That detox bath suuuuure helped!! Even if I used baking powder, instead of baking soda!! HAHAHA!!!! I lost 1.5LBS this morning!!!!!!! I was exstatic!!!! That puts me at 26.4!!! No cheating this week!! No PB, nothhhhhing!! :) I can do it!!! Heyyyyyy!!!

That's all I'm writing today....I don't think anyone reads these anymore anyway, except you Ma! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

HaPpY MoNDaY!!!!!!

First off, I am in a LOVELY, Happy, Jolly MOOD!! BOOYAH!!  I don't know why, I just am!! Maybe it's because I FEEL great!!! I bought a new top yesterday & I just LOVE IT!!! My friend Danielle inspired me!! Thanks, girl!!! :)

I'm down another .4 and still UNDER my fabulous weight loss (the big bang one that I just lost...) Does that even make sense? Ya'll know I'm not an author...I just say it how I say it!! And I hope I make you laugh!! That's half the reason God put me on this make YA'LL readin' my blog *L*A*U*G*H* !! Mmm Hmmm!! Heyyyyyyy!!!

For those of you who read my FB, you've probably already read what I'm about to post...but I could only post it in so many here goes the fun rantin' n' ravin'!!!
My morning started off FABULOUSLY!!! I mean, seriously!! For a Monday, it was DA BOMB DOT COM!! I was driving my lovely self to work....the joy it brings!! I'm in the 2nd lane (to the carpool lane) and there's a Charger in the carpool... If you know me, you know I can't STAND Escalades...they think the OWN THE ROAD! And now, Chargers have made my list!! Go ahead, give yourselves a round of applause...I'll wait.... :) Okay! So the Charger gets out of the carpool lane (when it opens) and cuts me off...surprisingly I wasn't too ticked! LOL! I was like...go ahead dude....I hope you get pulled over....THEN...another Black Charger comes up behind him....I'm like you two are fabulous! Speed away!! :) I keep driving & down the road, I find...BOTH Chargers on the side of the road...the 2nd Charger was an undercover cop!!! BOOYAH!!!! He pulled him over!!! MADE MY DAY!! :)

Okay, so for lunch I brought the chicken cabbage soup that my Mom made (Mmm!) and an apple....I wasn't feel too great....took all my pills at lunch (because I have to eat with them..don't worry, just acne pill & vitamin) anyway...I feel like I'm gonna horf a turtle!! So I eat a few Saltines & I choke a few spoons of soup...I just couldn't eat.....I did eat my apple, I knew I had to have something... and here I am 7:14 typing away...when I should have eaten dinner. I will eat in just a few! Mom made Roast & Cauliflower!!! Can't wait to get my eat on!!

Have a FABULOUS night ya'll!!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


WOO HOO!!!!! I got on the scale & was down .8!!!! YAY!! This is huge for me!! I am under a weight that I haven't been past in over a year!!!!!!! I really could cry!!! This is probably the BEST day, so far on this diet!!! At least on the scale!!!!

I hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween!!! Tell me what you did & all the fun the kiddo's had!!! I'm such a kid at heart, it was one of the funnest Halloween's I've had!!  My mom made this delicious Spinach stuffed Chicken for dinner last night...Mmm! I made some "Witches Brew" for my Dad & Dawson... it was dry ice & some fruit punch! Dawson got a kick out of the fog!!! He and Dad had "brains" (aka chili) for dinner!! HAHA! I wasn't feeling too creative on making the brains & eyeballs that I made last year (spaghetti and meatballs) Especially since I couldn't eat it, so they ate chili, and I named it brains!! HAHA!! I'm so creative, huh!
Today, aside from cramps (sorry ya'll!) I am just going to be a lazy bum & relax!! That's what Sunday's are for!!! And we got an extra hour this morning!! Yippeee!!! The sun is shining, this couldn't be a more perfect first day of November!!!!
Have a great Sunday!!!!! XOXO