Tuesday, November 17, 2009

None too late...

SO...I've obviously been lagging in the blog-writing. Basically, because I gained over the weekend & I didn't feel like *shouting* it out to the World :)

On another note...I AM ON MAINTENANCE!!! WOO HOO!!

On anotherrrrr note....I had my interview today....went in feeling positive!! I left, feeling: "I shouldn't have said this....I should have done that.....Why didn't I ask this?" But such is life! I did *MY* best & I'm happy I was able to interview, regardless!! A BIG thank you to my *good* friend, for telling me about the opening. She's the bomb dot com! :) Ya hear that?? BOMBDOTCOM! :)

This morning after my interview, I came home & made an omelet. A REAL omelet. It was delicious. I put some cheese in it, so hopefully I don't gain tomorrow. I know we are supposed to limit cheese.   I had a salad (again) with grilled chicken, mushrooms, cheese, & cucumbers.  It was pretty dang good! I used a homemade ranch dip, that my sister made. Thanks, sis!! :)

That's all I have for now....Enjoy this exciting blog! <3

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