Thursday, November 5, 2009

This fall weather ROCKS!

I am in love with this FALL weather!!! We all know mother nature (especially here in Utah) has a way of showing us whose boss!!'s scary to think how beautiful it is outside. Nice & warm, I even went walking with my Mom tonight. Snow is just around the corner...I know how you work Miss Mother Nature Thang!! But, until then, I will continue to enjoy the nice, warm weather!!  <~There were wayyyy too many comma's in that sentence.  Sorry ya'll.

I'm trying to use fun, fall colors in this blog. Can you tell? (How boring am I..) Okay, so I gained .1 this morning. Why? I have no clue...But whatever.  I am trying not to be bugged by a little .1  I've got to get used to not gaining any more than 2 lbs, so I shouldn't freak about a tinsy .1!!

I am SO excited that tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!! I can barely stand it!! This week....& all the weeks past, have just drug on & on & on & on... :) Tomorrow, my friend Dina & I are leaving work early to go to the SCRAPBOOK Warehouse!! Heyyyy!! :)

Until then... xoxo


  1. Friday is a wonderful thing:) I hate Utah Winters. I really really do.

  2. You & me both SISTER!!! You & me both!