Sunday, November 1, 2009


WOO HOO!!!!! I got on the scale & was down .8!!!! YAY!! This is huge for me!! I am under a weight that I haven't been past in over a year!!!!!!! I really could cry!!! This is probably the BEST day, so far on this diet!!! At least on the scale!!!!

I hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween!!! Tell me what you did & all the fun the kiddo's had!!! I'm such a kid at heart, it was one of the funnest Halloween's I've had!!  My mom made this delicious Spinach stuffed Chicken for dinner last night...Mmm! I made some "Witches Brew" for my Dad & Dawson... it was dry ice & some fruit punch! Dawson got a kick out of the fog!!! He and Dad had "brains" (aka chili) for dinner!! HAHA! I wasn't feeling too creative on making the brains & eyeballs that I made last year (spaghetti and meatballs) Especially since I couldn't eat it, so they ate chili, and I named it brains!! HAHA!! I'm so creative, huh!
Today, aside from cramps (sorry ya'll!) I am just going to be a lazy bum & relax!! That's what Sunday's are for!!! And we got an extra hour this morning!! Yippeee!!! The sun is shining, this couldn't be a more perfect first day of November!!!!
Have a great Sunday!!!!! XOXO