Friday, November 6, 2009


It's finally here!!! Woo woo!! (Friday, I mean) & I was gruuuuuuumpy today! :) Good thing I got off work early...or I would have cracked!!! lol.  I lost .5 this morning, not too shabby!! I'm pleased :o)

I went to Kohl's after work to get my shopping fix (which also helps me when I'm ornery LOL) and I bought a cuuuute purple long sleeve top for $4.99!! Hollaaaa! I wore it tonight, to hang out with my friend Dani & her to munchkins :P  It was a lot of fun!! We made dinner & just had a really fun time!! It's good to spend time with old friends who knew you back in the day...I like having the kind of friends who, even if you don't see each other every pick up where you left off!! No fuss, just chatting about life!! My kind of night!! Thanks Dani! :)

Goodnight blogger world...I'm beat! :)


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