Thursday, November 12, 2009

30, fLiRtY & ThRiViNg!!!!

No.....I didn't turn 30 today!!! But....I did get to my goal!!! 30lbs!!! 30.3 to be exact :)  I am SO excited!!!! And proud!!! This is a major accomplishment for me, not only because of the weightloss.  A good friend of mine asked me a very interesting question today....(something I hadn't thought of in 7 weeks) She asked if I had ever completed a GOAL that I had.  She knows me VERY well!! :) I thought about it & I said, NO. I haven't!!!  :o) So DOUBLE YAY!! It's a pretty big milestone for me!!!

Tomorrow we start the NO drops!!! Still 500 calories though....Ahhhh!!! The next 3 days (before Maintenance) should be very interesting....if I'm grumpy towards you, it's because I'm HUNGRAYYY! Don't hate! Just ignore me, ignore me and give me a big hug!! Then go a bag of PB M&M's and call it a night!! HAHA!!

Another happy note....tomorrow is *f*R*i*D*a*Y*~!!!! YaYYY and a half!!! Last day of work, before the weekend!!! WOO HOO HOO!!!!  I hope ya'll have a fantabulous evening!!

Toodaloo!! <3 xOxO

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