Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~HaPpY VeTeRaN's DaY~

First & foremost, I want to say *THANK YOU* to the past, present & future troops who have served our country over the years!!!  We, as American's owe our freedom to all of you!! So once again, Thank You for our wonderful country full of freedom!! I am proud to be a part of the USA !!! 

Secondly, Yay!!! I know I say this often (lately) but I can't waiiiiiit for Maintenance!! WOO HOO!!! I lost 1.2 lbs this morning!!! It's weird....sometimes when I do a detox, I either lose a lb or more the next day, or nothing & then the next day I lose. Which is fine, no complaining from me!!! It's just kind of weird.  And maybe it's what I'm eating too...I haven't written about what I eat every day...which I think I may regret later on....that's okay! I'm almost there!!! WE (you know who you are!) are almost there!!! YAY US!!! Let's pat ourselves on the back, for sticking with this!!!!

Another happy thing....I keep thinking about my brother...and he will be home in just over 3MONTHS!!!!!!! I am SO excited!!!!! He is another reason why I've kept with this diet!!! After not seeing him for 2 years, I want to look a LOT better (healthier) than the last time he saw me!!!!  This <3 is for you COR!!!!! I love you!!!!

<3 xOxO

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