Friday, November 20, 2009


I am OBVIOUSLY over the whole "blogging every day" scenario.  I am on Day 5 of Maintenance & I feel pretty damn good if I say so myself!  I gained once, or twice a little bit (which is normal might I add) but I've been losing lately! WEIRD! Like today.... .9 down! I even ate an egg at 10:30p last night!!! I for sure thought I would gain...but I'm doing well.  I decided the LIW should definitely be last Friday's weigh in...I have to stay within the 2lb rule, or else!! These 3 weeks are incredibly important to the future!  You go above, or below the LIW 2lbs or more & it really screws with your hypothalamus & you will gain!!! And it won't be pretty, nor easy to get back off.   So, I am going to stay within & just work it.  Since I'm already planning on a round 2, I don't think I should "cheat" the system by losing too much.

On a non~diet note....Mom, Candice & I saw NEW MOON last night at Gateway!! We had the 7:30p showing.  So delightfully good!! I could cuddle with Jacob ALL NIGHT LONG!! Frankly, I could cuddle with Jacob & Edward...I would definitely take Jacob over Eddy though, sorry sweets!! :) I have a thing with muscles & a tan physique. DELISHUSH!!!  I wasn't able to finish the 2nd book, but that's okay.  I will finish it up soon.  There were some "teenage" girls in the theater screaming in parts of the movie & I wanted to shush them with super glue!! :) Let us adults enjoy the show kiddo's!! They should've been in bed anyway, right?  13 going on 3! LOL

Check out my other blog!! I have NON~HCG related recipes on there!! LOL!

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