Tuesday, November 10, 2009


SO....I gained .4 this morning...that's okay! I lost so much the other day, I can't expect that all the time! :) I took a detox & am hoping tomorrow brings truth to that, on the scale! :) WOO!!!

Have I told ya'll how excited I am to be done with this FABULOUS diet?? I am ready for a new adventure aka: new foods!! :) HAHA!! I love to cook/bake & am excited to try some fun, new recipes I have come across...I just need to keep an eye on the scale & make sure I don't over do it with the "new" foods!  When you do something for a long period of time, it either gets *BORING*, or you get used to it & like it. Well...ya'll know how I feel! :) LOL

I feel great!! Life is good right now!!! I'm getting my hair did this weekend & CANNOT wait!!! Losing weight, new hairstyle & MAYBE a new job....nothing better!!! I'm a happy girl!!! Hope tomorrow brings as much happiness as today!!!

Until then... <3 xOxO

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