Monday, November 2, 2009

HaPpY MoNDaY!!!!!!

First off, I am in a LOVELY, Happy, Jolly MOOD!! BOOYAH!!  I don't know why, I just am!! Maybe it's because I FEEL great!!! I bought a new top yesterday & I just LOVE IT!!! My friend Danielle inspired me!! Thanks, girl!!! :)

I'm down another .4 and still UNDER my fabulous weight loss (the big bang one that I just lost...) Does that even make sense? Ya'll know I'm not an author...I just say it how I say it!! And I hope I make you laugh!! That's half the reason God put me on this make YA'LL readin' my blog *L*A*U*G*H* !! Mmm Hmmm!! Heyyyyyyy!!!

For those of you who read my FB, you've probably already read what I'm about to post...but I could only post it in so many here goes the fun rantin' n' ravin'!!!
My morning started off FABULOUSLY!!! I mean, seriously!! For a Monday, it was DA BOMB DOT COM!! I was driving my lovely self to work....the joy it brings!! I'm in the 2nd lane (to the carpool lane) and there's a Charger in the carpool... If you know me, you know I can't STAND Escalades...they think the OWN THE ROAD! And now, Chargers have made my list!! Go ahead, give yourselves a round of applause...I'll wait.... :) Okay! So the Charger gets out of the carpool lane (when it opens) and cuts me off...surprisingly I wasn't too ticked! LOL! I was like...go ahead dude....I hope you get pulled over....THEN...another Black Charger comes up behind him....I'm like you two are fabulous! Speed away!! :) I keep driving & down the road, I find...BOTH Chargers on the side of the road...the 2nd Charger was an undercover cop!!! BOOYAH!!!! He pulled him over!!! MADE MY DAY!! :)

Okay, so for lunch I brought the chicken cabbage soup that my Mom made (Mmm!) and an apple....I wasn't feel too great....took all my pills at lunch (because I have to eat with them..don't worry, just acne pill & vitamin) anyway...I feel like I'm gonna horf a turtle!! So I eat a few Saltines & I choke a few spoons of soup...I just couldn't eat.....I did eat my apple, I knew I had to have something... and here I am 7:14 typing away...when I should have eaten dinner. I will eat in just a few! Mom made Roast & Cauliflower!!! Can't wait to get my eat on!!

Have a FABULOUS night ya'll!!!


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  1. Sorry the soup didn't sit well with you. You're looking good, Steph!