Saturday, October 31, 2009

*HaPpY HaLLoWeeN Ya'LL*

Happy Halloween everyone!!! This is my favorite holiday (next to Christmas, of course!) And it was a funnnn night!!!! I weighed myself this morning (after my detox bath last night) and lost .5!! Can I get a HALLELUJIAH!!? Amen!!! I am .3 away from a BIIIIIG (personal) loss for hopefully tomorrow is the day!!!

Dawson's bro & sis came by & we took pics of them....Dawson was a grim reaper, Kyan was a Lion, and Mylie was a lady bug!! Cuuuuute as ever!! I will post those pics later... I ended up going trick or treating with my nephew.  I was just going to pass out candy, but Dawson wanted me to go & I thought, this is exercise!! I will lose calories, what the heck!! I dressed up as a witch.... Scary face....cuuute from the chin down!! HAHA! A lot of my neighbors didn't know it was me!! LOL :) And good, because I did take candy from a few who offered! (Not that I'll be eating it for a few weeks...) Anyway...I lost my witches hat on the outing...Oh well. It was a lot of fun we went around our block, up the road & around by Layton.  There was a cute house with a mini Haunted House. That was a lot of fun too!!

Here are a few pics that were taken with my'll have to wait for the kiddo's pics for another day soon.... Until then, HAPPY HALLOWEEN & ENJOY THE PICS!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Day...

Man, my enthusiasm has just gone through the roof these days!!! (NOT!)  Lost .1 and was PIIIISSED :) I weighed once...weighed twice (the 2nd time it said I lost 1lb) so of course I weight two more times &  it's only .1  BOO HOO HOO!! I can't help but be mad at myself. I'm not as strict as I was...I follow protocol....but when I feel like I'm going ot burst (and want a big slice of pizza) I have a tiny spoon of PB instead. DUMB! But.....I won't lie!! And that isn't helping me move I only have myself to blame.  I fully understand & take responsibility for that....  I want to be the girl I was on Day 1 or Day 7 :( Ugh!!

Two more weeks....actually 12 days....until maintenance....I can do it, but I can't eat PB every day & get to where I want :)

Anyway....enough about diets!!! I went to the most AWESOME Halloween Open House with my Mom!!! It was a co-worker of hers...he lives in Kaysville and his house was completely DECKED OUT!!! Let me load a few pics.... :) Brb :)  BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey there!!! Today I gained (again) .1's frustrating, but it's my fault.  I know I'm not following protocol exactly & it disappoints me.  I was doing so good for so long. I only have 2 more weeks of this...I can do it!! I just need to put my head on straight!!!

I reeeeally reeeeally need to try harder!! This week I can't give myself ANY credit..BOO!! I'm sorry...trying not to be negative...but this is HARD!! I want to cry...but I won't.

The End.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HuMp DaY

SO...eating all that chicken was not a good idea.... the scale moved up .3 
I was almost to my BIG hump!! That's okay....I'll keep trying this week!! I know I can do it! :)

My Mama & I (mostly her) made this yummy chicken & cabbage I mentioned in the other post...I took it for lunch today. Can you say scrumptious??? It was delishush!  I could eat it frequently...on a regular diet!! I love how soup warms your soul (cheesey but true) and feels you up!! I'll be eating me soup a lot more often! Mmm Mmm goood!!

Work was slow today, therefore I thought about food...A LOT!! Grrr :) Food I want to eat & can't have..I was making myself hungry. Gosh darnit! :)

Not much else to say except....boy I am NOT ready for the winter!! This cold stuff, is not my friend!! :) Hope ya'll have a fabulous night!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey hey heyyyy!! Tonight my Mom made the most delicious meal!!! I hold it up there with the sketti!! Maybe even better!! LOL!! We had chicken & made a cabbage soup recipe, that was on our protocol!! SO tasty!! I ate chicken as I went (tearing it so it would be piece-y) so I probably got all of my protein there....we left the house to run some errands & came back & I had a taste of the soup....D*I*V*I*N*E* so, so good!! I'll post the recipe later....

I finally lost another lb this morning...up to 23.5 lbs and 20.5 inches in 30 days (I think?) YAY!! I'm not sure if I told ya'll or not, but I may be doing an extra week or two of this....just because my calculations may have been off & I have more to lose anyway, why not do it now? :) Anyway I hope ya'll are fabulous!!!

Til hump day!! XOXO

Monday, October 26, 2009

A few pix some of you have requested  "before" & "after/during" pics... The before pic is only a few months old...I thought I had taken an "internet worthy" before photo...but, I was wrong. Sorry folks, no undies & bra photo's for you!!! *barf on a bullfrog!*

BEFORE (in Vegas...July 2009)

DURING : Starting of Week 5

I'm not sure if you can even tell a difference. But here you go!!! I hope you likey!!! :) XOXO

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final HCG week!!

This next week is the last (for now) week of the nasty alcohol-tasting Hcg drops!! I am SO excited!!! A little nervous too, but excited nonetheless!! I am looking forward to adding some variety to my diet!!!

Today was a lovely day! I woke up early & just relaxed.... my good friend Ash came to do my sister's & my nails.  My sister got a pretty purplish color & I got mine black with pumpkins on my thumb nails (inside the acrylic..made with acrylic) and then candy corn on both ring fingers...DARLING!! I <3 them!!!  She is a great nail artist!! She will do anything!!! You know, when you go to a nail salon & some of the girls just won't do the "fun"'s like....borrrring! But Ash does it all!! :)

This past week was Cory's 20 month mark!!! He has 4 month's left on his mission, until my parents go to pick him up!! Do you know how thrilled I am to see my little (big) brother again!? S*T*O*K*E*D!!!

Anyway, another weekend has come & gone....bah-humbug :) Back to the grind...
Have a fabulous Monday & week ya'll!!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ghetto! Really!

Posting an early blog, just in case I don't get home early enough tonight....
Lost .5 this morning...YAY!! Hallelujah! I'd be happy with 2lbs, but .5 will do. LOL!

Went to Gardner Village with my family. Including my nephew's baby brother & sister. It would have been more fun, but it started raining shortly after we got there & fussy kids don't make for the best time :) Oh was still fun....

We made a trip to's a new grocery store in West Jordan.  They have one in West Valley as well..ran into a little drama. I should just keep my mouth shut, but the tinsy bit of hood in me came out... Don't hate me.  We were trying to find a parking spot....there were two cars in front of us, the one car directly in front of us cut the car off in front of THEM and took a spot. We were all in the car like: HOW RUDE....except blood was boiling...I couldn't believe how rude that was...I got OUT of the car (Yes, I'm NOT proud of it...just being honest...) and I said to the man what a jerk he was and walked back in the car. Little did any of us know, they were WITH the car in front of them....okay okay, our bad....but we didn't know that until after I said: Do you kiss your daughter with that mouth? Umm yeah.... Where it came from, I don't know...normally I wouldn't have such rage....but man I was upset...

We find a spot & EVERYONE in our car, but Dad & I did NOT want to go in....we're like we're going we did...the guy is running his mouth & I said We can hear you (What am I thinking??? Sheeeesh Stephanie, get a hold of yourself!) and he starts at it again...he is getting in my Dad's face...his wife tells us to just back off (she said that because he can't control himself) and the other lady took the KIDS away...yes, the KIDS.  She said let's go, your dad doesn't know how to act in front of children. I was like, apparently not. So my Dad is trying to APOLOGIZE to the guy....the guy said if we had minded our own business, this wouldn't have I said you're right, but if it were the other way around (I was playful at this point and he was smiling too) you would have done the same thing...His wife pipes up.....just running her mouth....I'm like wow. I said He is just apologizing...she said It's over & done with just drop it!! I told her to chill and maybe said a choice word.....and walked off..she got all upset & said Now is that any way to talk?? (I should have just not said anything in the first place, I DO realize this....) So I said I don't have children standing by me like YOU do....that was I walk into the store & wait for my Dad (he is still making peace with the guy) I could NOT believe myself, first off...and the way the girl overreacted about the situation.   GHETTO!!! 

I realize that I was in the wrong too....I  just can't believe the girl would not accept my Dad's apology....I have NEVER been in a fight & I am USUALLY the peacemaker... So yeah. Now that I've completely embarrassed myself.... I'll cover myself in sugar... err leaves :) haha


Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 27 ? I think!

Today was a pretty good day....It was FRIDAY!! Thank heavens!! Work has been slow! :) I got a regular salad from Chili's (for lunch) & asked for NO cheese & NO croutons...I forgot to say no carrots, but that's because I forget they were on there. But I used a TINSY bit of not even a tablespoon.  And I bought some chicken at the store that had zero sugars & carbs.  It was a pretty good meal! :) I had an orange to go with it :)

Dinner...not so much...had some personal issues and decided to make eggs as my protein....didn't end up eating them (back to the personal issue) and I'll save them for tomorrow... I AM hungry though!!! I went & saw the movie Saw VI....yeah I know, sick & twisted...but for some reason...I like them! Anyway, it was good! Gory, but good.  The whole time I'm thinking about food though!! AHHHH! lol. One day....I won't worry about what ANYONE says..... & eat WHAT I want, WHEN I want..... If I choose to eat healthy, that's my choice...if I choose to eat a fat slice of pizza....again, MY choice :) For now....I choose the 500 calories...I only have a week to go and I CAN & I WILL DO IT!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving along!

Hey ya'll!! The past two days and have been really small losses... today was -.2 which is better than nothing!! :) I can't complain! I am -21.9 lbs lost!!! WOO HOO!! :)

Tonight my sister made chili (protocol chili) and it was pretty good...I think my taste buds are acting weird since this whole "not eating a lot" and some seasonings I'm not too fond the chili was good!! But halfway through, I just couldn't eat anymore...maybe it was the spicy part of it.  But THANK YOU SIS for making a great Hcg meal for us!!!!

I drank a TON of water today!! I am happy!! Haha!! I probably drank the amount we're supposed to!! Yee HAW!! I am a really boring blogger these past few days...sorry!! Let's hope the weekend brings exciting stories to share!!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Another short blog.... I felt GREAT today!! It was a good day!! Didn't feel too hungry at all. I do dream about what I can eat soon, though! HAHA!!! I only lost .1 this morning, but I still feel great!! In about 2 lbs I will be at a weight I have not been in a long time & I cannot WAAAAAAIT!!! I hope it happens soon!!!

My Mom got me some Bare Essentials (early Christmas) to help my acne....when I bought the package a few weeks ago, it didn't come with the "bisque" and so my Mom secretly ordered it for me. It came today!! I was so excited!! It's NOT cheap stuff, but very worth it!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seriously!? Wow, Thank you!

Today, for the 1st time since I've started this "diet" someone, told asked me: "Have you been losing weight??" (I haven't told people at she didn't know) It made my entire day!!! I can see little changes in myself and so has my Mom and other friends, but this was someone who was completely oblivious to the fact that I was TRYING to lose weight!!! I was thrilled!! Even if I gain a lb tomorrow, I will remember today...because SHE made me smile!!!

I did lose 1.2 this morning on the scale, I can't "bravo" too much though, I didn't really eat much yesterday....I felt like poo on a porchstep!

I felt REALLY amazing today!! Emotionally & physically AMAZING!! It was just a good day, the above comment, was just a plus to my wonderful day!! I love feeling this way. It makes me feel like I can take on the World!! I may never be Barbie, nor do I want to be, but if I feel good INSIDE about myself, I think I can do anything!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

a few websites *for me*

4th Week FeVeR FeVeR (no lie)

I went home early today (from work) because I have a fever...and boy is it NOT FUN :( I'm not going to lie....I had a tinsy spoon of PB when I got home (after nothing all day) and I know I'm only cheating I'm going to let you know I AM NOT PERFECT :)

I did however, lose .9 this morning and MET MY 2nd GOAL!!!! 20.4 lbs!!!! I am very thrilled, although I don't feel my best!!! It's an amazing feeling & I know when I'm "done" I will make better food choices for myself...I even weighed myself this afternoon when I got home for work to see where I was's silly but I'm ADDICTED to weighing in!! HAHA

Honestly, (I know I've said this before) but the few things that get me through this, are  my family & friends support, blogging & knowing I can eat somewhat normal (healthy normal) again....I don't know if anyone in their right mind could do this FOREVER.... :) I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just's tough! :)  I like variety in my food...and it feels like we try to vary what eat, but not a huuuge list of variations :) When we can add more choices, it will definitely be better!!! I'm still very happy I chose to do this & I'm SO glad people read this & I hope it helps in whatever way it can to those of you!!

Thanks again, for all your love & support

Sunday, October 18, 2009


3 weeks is here!!!! MY LANTA!!! :) It's been a hard road...(still 6 to go...) but I feel like I have accomplished a LOT in these 3 weeks!! And boy, does it feel GREAT!!!  I lost another
1 lb today!! 19.5 lbs total!! I'm hoping I'm at least down .5 tomorrow, so I can be at my 2nd goal--- 20 lbs!! Hip hip hoooray!!!

How was everyone's weekend?? Mine was pretty good!! I'm not looking forward to the week though!! LOL :)



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hauntalicious Spooktacular!!

I lost another 1.4!!!! WOOO!!! My grand total is 18.5 in 19 days!! (I think it's been 19...3 weeks on Monday so yeah) Not eating late is getting easier...but I still do have cravings like I'm a pregnant lady ready to pop!!! :) I want Pizza! I want Chocolate!! I want PB!! But...I want to lose weight & inches more than I want those foods....SO THERE!!! Eat that, weight!!! :0)

I am eating a piece of steak & fresh green beans as we speak!! Mmm Mmm good!! Today I was a bit hungry...but I went to bed late & woke up (late lol) so I didn't take my morning's okay!! I WILL SURVIVE!!! :)

I am on my way to a spooky fun night of Haunted Houses!!! Haunted House!!! I can't waiiiiiit!! Please pray for never know the last time those Ghosts & Goblins ate a decent meal....Maybe I'll bring some pepper spray...just to be safe!! Brenna's bringing the garlic!!! Ahhh! I bet we'll attract lots of boys with our stenchy accessories!! :)



Yeah. That's my title. Just because :) I lost 1.4!!!!! I did not eat dinner last night though, it just got too late & so I didn't eat...probably part of my loss, but heck!! I'll take it!!

Today was went slow though :) I had plans with friends tonight...met up with my cute friend Sandra & went to Subway. I was SO good!! I ordered a salad (and I don't eat just a salad for dinner lol) with grilled wasn't too bad. Not my favorite as far as flavor goes...but hey! It did the trick :) We then went to see GI Joe...that wasn't as good as I was hoping, considering the only reason I went was for Channing Tatum. Ooh la la!! I want to kiss those sexy lips!! :) *moving on* Drank my water through the movie....

After that we met up with our cute friend Brenna to go to Wise Guys.  Vincent Lords is there all was supposed to be a Haunted Hypnosis. Not sure where the Haunted part was, but up!!! Yeah, shy old me *I'm sure you're all rolling on the floor laughing that I call myself shy* HAHAHA!!! I'm very NOT shy!!!! :) Anyway....I was really nervous to go up AND cold!!!! So....I got hypnotized!!! Halfway through I walked off the stage, because I wasn't feeling I was that hypnotized...but the first part was lots of fun!! :) Glad I was able to experience left me wayyyy relaxed, I'm excited for bed (it's 1:09 am and the only reason I'm still up is bc I promised to write someone better dang darn be reading & posting comments!! lol) I bet I will get some good Zzzzz's tonight :)

I peed on my ketone stick tonight...(i know you wanted to know that) and it was the DARKEST marroon it's away from the VERY darkest you can get (which is GOOD!) So I think the scale will be joyful tomorrow!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! What a fun game this is!! LOL :) Aren't I silly?? bed is eyes are falling...twinkle twinkle TINKLE TINKLE :) HAHAH!!!

XOXO Peace in da middle east XOXO

Thursday, October 15, 2009


SO.....another day....and I gained :( .4.  There must have been dag gone butta on that broccoli!!! :) It's okay...I'm just going to "fuhgettaboutit" and move on :) I've been "testing" my pee on this Ketone stick every day....Yes, I use a NEW one each The darker the color, the more fat you're burning!!! Mine has been burning lots, so I hope to REAP a reward on the scale soon!! I know that that scale isn't everything, so I make sure to stay positive.

Today I was a little hungry...but I'm feeling pretty great.  I am going to guzzle my water & DRINK like a champ all night long!!! Another fun part of my day....I got to pick up my STAMPIN UP stuff!!! I am in a fun stamp group, we meet once a month on Monday's & make FUN, CUTE cards!!! It's in Draper, but really really fun.  She is doing a start up one starting in anyone interested? The downfall is driving to Draper once a month....let me know!!! I'm getting all crafty on ya!! :) I have been LOVING reading stuff to do for holidays! Like little gifts to give away...they're fun!!!

And what's up with this weather?? Is it summer again or is it fall?? LOL I will never understand mother nature (in Utah) she is definitely a trickster!! :) Speaking of tricksters!! TRICK OR TREAT is coming quickly!!! I can't wait!!! I'm sure you haven't noticed how much I stinkin heart this holiday!! I wish I could work from I could bake all day & be crafty!! Yes!! That's the perfect job!! Working at home baking & making cute stuff!! I'll letcha know how that turns out *coming back to reality*

Anyway!! That is enough for now!! Ciao Bella!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thriller....Fun filled Date & Bday Oh mY!!

Mom & I had a fun date tonight!! She came to my work & we were off to Whole Foods to find something hcg-worthy.  No we decided to go to Ruby River! Yum!  We shared a steak & she had a lettuce wedge & I had broccoli. NO CHEATING! :) I just hope & pray that there was NO butter on my broccoli.  After dinner we were off!!! To see...... Thriller!!!  It was done by Odyssey Dance Theater, at Kingsbury Hall by the U.  Great show!!! So much fun! :) Thanks Mom, for being my date!!

I got on the scale this morning & was a titch nervous...since I had gained the night before *for whatever reason* & eating at Bev's last night...just made me nervous. I didn't cheat, but we didn't have a scale to weigh the chicken either...but I got on the scale & to my surprise...... down 1.1lbs!!! I couldn't believe it!! I checked it 3 times just to be sure!!! :) Yayyy! I was a happy camper :)

Chicken at Bev's = happiness on the scale!! LOL

*A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIELLE, MY GOOD FRIEND!!* I hope you had an abSOULutely wonderful day!!!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore!

Maaaaaaaaaaaan!! What a windy night it's been!!! Today was a long day.... :) Work is slow, which kind of makes the day drag :) HAHA! I gained .4 today...not sure why!? I'm not upset, kind of curious I'm going to try REEEEEEEEEEEAL hard to drink my water....I do not know why it's so hard for me lol....

I went & visited a cute friend of mine tonight after work..Bev.  I worked with her at Ross & she's an adorable seventy-something lady!! I just love her!! She has a heart of gold!!! She lost her husband in May & I hadn't heard about it until after...and I'm HORRIBLE at calling people, until yesterday.  I was thinking about her, so I picked up the phone & called. Asked if I could come visit tomorrow (today) and so I did!! We talked & talked :) Finally 7 came & went...(I had told her I needed to leave by then to fix dinner...) she ended up making ME dinner!! And it was on plan!! We had chicken & the best gosh darn frozen asparagus you could ever ask for!!! :) Thank you sweet Bev for a wonderful night!!! I'm so glad I know you & you made my night brighter.... XOXO

I drank water tonight, like it was the last thing I'd ever get to drink!!! Hopefully someone notices that!! If I gain on the scale tomorrow...I'm doing an apple day on Thursday :) I can't be stuck at 15 lbs forever!! :) LOL

Love & kisses :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sketti?? I've never had this kind before :)

OH MY FLIPPIN' HEAVENS!!! What a fabulous day!!! I only lost .2, but SHOOT! That's better than gaining!!!! :) My mother made the most DELIGHTFUL, most DELICIOUS meal tonight!!!! SPAGHETTI!!!!! Instead of noodles we had steamed cabbage...cut up & it FELT LIKE EATING NOODLES!! I'm not even lying here folks!! It was truly a delightful dish!! I would eat this OFF the "diet!!!" :)  She made the sauce (from scratch) over the weekend...we have the book with all the recipes...and she put it in the fridge, so we could eat it this week. She had hers with just the sauce & cabbage, but I put the low fat ground beef (100 grams) we're allowed to have....I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it!! Heaven I'm TELLING YOU!! :)

Okay...enough with the caps :) How was everyone's weekend?? Anything spooky-fun going on? I just love this month!! I grow younger as the years go on!! I wish (for a moment) I weren't on HCG so I could bake! bake! bake! All the fun things for this month...but I'll be patient & wait :) I'll cook them for Christmas. LOL! :)

Thanks for all your positive influences!! It's helped me!! And thank you for letting me blog about my weight everyday...I know it probably gets old to hear it every day...but this blog is one (more) thing that keeps me on this diet. I have set myself up to write in this EVERY DAY and that means I can't write about cheating....(well big cheats) so it keeps me on track!! For that, THANK YOU!!!! XOXO

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not giving up :) Day 12

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take"  ~Wayne Gretzky

I got that inspiration on my phone this morning & wanted to share it. SO very true!! If you don't can't WIN! :)

"The best angle to approach life's challenges is always the TRY-ANGLE" :)  I got that from a funnies section a few years ago :)

Today is great!! I am down 15.2 now!!!! I met my first goal this morning!! And I rewarded myself last night *like I mentioned* with my first Bare Minerals Starter Kit!! It was a splurge, but I deserve it!!!

Every day is a new beginning, and one day closer to my final goal!! I feel like I'm on top of the World!!! I'm still me...I don't think I'm better than anyone else, but I FEEL better about MYSELF. And to me, that's all that matters!! That's the only thing that is important. Feeling good about ME. :) And.....I have a right to be a little selfish at this point :) So I will! :) HAHA!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


So here I am...another Saturday!! I made it & this time I didn't cry! :) I'm down another 1.5, for a total of 14.4 lbs and 12 something inches!!! How exciting!!! It seems like I've been on this diet forever....missing all the things I once could have, at the same time I've lost so much, in such a little amount of time!! MAKES THIS GIRL HAPPPPPPPY! :)

Nothing exciting to write today...thought a lot about peanut butter *my fave* and sweets, but didn't eat them.....sometimes the smell is just as good as the taste *NOT lol*

I did pamper myself a bit today & bought some Bare Essentials make up!! A little treat for Mom has been wearing their make up for 6 years & swears on it ..... :) So we went to the mall & we bought some for ourselves! :) That was a nice treat.  One thing I can't stand now at the malls...those dang darn people & their "sea shit" DONT BUG ME WITH YOUR LOTIONS & POTIONS! I said "no" once, do NOT ask me another question :) HAHAH!! Those people are SO annoying!!! And then you KNOW they're thinking in their heads....."These damn Americans are SO cheap!" HA! Well here's to you!! *CHEERS*

The End...

10 days down

I'm going to make this one short & sweet....It's 2am & I need my "beauty sleep" LOL!! I did pretty well today!! Woke's FRIDAY!!! SO glad about that!!! I lost .9!!!! WOOO WOOO! I rally up my total (here) every day...sorry! It helps me :) 12.9!!! I am HOPING to be -15lbs by Monday morning!! If I acheive this goal, I will be happy!! If not, I will STILL be happy!! :) Shoot!! My bed is calling my name...nothing super to tell today!! It was a great day & I am proud to say I'm one day closer!! BOO-YA!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ninth Inning Ya'll!!

Here I am, another day, another dolla!! Oh....scratch that!! Just another day! :) And I'll take another day for all it's worth!!! :)

So I'm going to confess a BIG confession....certainly that's why I named this blog, what I did! Right?? RIGHT!! :) I did so well last night with dinner & everything.....I was even "coaching" a few girls, telling them YOU CAN DO THIS! Don't beat yourself up!! Tomorrow is another day! I had been on the computer (bored) and I ate 8 doritos..... Dag gone!! I was like man Stephanie, what are you doing..and I ate those babies and it felt like the worst sin I've ever commited!! And the scale proved it!! HA HA!!!! I gained .7 back!! My own fault & I can't sweat it...I'm only human & we all make mistakes. I jut need to remember....every step is another step forward....this "not eating doritos, cheetos, cake, potatoes, bread" won't last forever....I eventually will be able to enjoy those things in moderation. For now, I need to FOCUS on the prize at hand!! *(Me being 20+ lbs smaller!!) Who would complain?? Definitely, not ME!!Anyway a HUGE load has been lifted off my chest, confessing this "sin" lol...I am happy I did & tomorrow will bet as great as today was (even though the scale wasn't happy)

"The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finishing line"
Keep on keepin on!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day ~8~ Feeling Great!!

I say this every day, but I am SO happy!!! I feel GREAT!! I can't believe what each day brings. No crazy cravings!! Of course I look forward to the yummies I can have once in a while, but I'm not dying!! HAHA!!

I woke up (like I do every day...imagine that!) and weighed myself....I had to step off the scale (like I do every day) and weigh again...I lost 2.5 lbs!!! For a total of 12.7!!! I was in disbelief!! How could this be?? I did not eat my fruit, or vegetable last I was scared I may not lose much at all. I can't make that a habit, of course but it was a great feeling this morning!!

The whole day was pretty awesome!! Woke up, had energy!! Felt great!! I'm still having  hard time drinking so much water & I'm sure I'm not drinking enough, but will keep at it. I love writing here & knowing that people are reading...because I want other people to feel great about themselves!! I am not a "diet" person, but this isn't really a's a way to change your metabolism & how you eat...calories in---calories out (when it's all said and done)  I have TWO great things to look forward to (that keeping me going) 1~My brother comes home in February, after 2 years!!! It will be so great to see him & (hopefully) be a skinny Steph!!! 2~Family vacay in March to Florida!!! WOOO HOO (Thank you Cat for letting us buy your time share) So hopefully those two things keep me ON TRACK & ROARING!! If this is how thin feels, I don't want to go back!! :)

I couldn't imagine living off 500 calories forever, of course, but to jump start things it's been AMAZING!!  I can already imagine myself being at my goal. My goal is 50 lbs total..and if I choose to do HCG again, I will do another round in January!!

Hope your day was as amazing as mine!! XOXO

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DAY 7~ I Made It!!

Here I am folks!!! 7 days!!! ONE week in!!! Today has  been a FABULOUS day!! Absolutely great!!! I don't have a thing to complain about...I've felt pretty great all day long!! I was a teensie bit hungry this morning, but drank my water every time I thought I was "hungry" and I was fine until lunch!! :)

I have so many people (Mom, Candice, & friends) who are SO supportive & it's so wonderful!! I love the encouraging words!! Words of wisdom!! HAHA :)

Oh! I dropped .8 lbs I'm over my 10 lb mark!! 10.2 to be exact!! I know it's not ALL about how much I lose....but losing is GREAT!!! It keeps me motivated!! Inches, or pounds!!! I'm all for it!!! Now if my mountains (boobies) would disappear a bit I'd be SO happy!!! Ahh! No surgery required!! LMBO!! (laugh my butt off)

I would NEVER have guessed I would make it a whole week on this thing...let's be honest people!!! Either we REEEEEEEEEEALLY want to lose weight & be healthy, or we're INSANE!! And honey's....I'm not insane!! LOL!! So....I'm going to keep on keepin' on!! Til I feel so great I can do it on my own~ of course I will finish the 5 weeks + 3 weeks maintenance...which leaves 7 more weeks :) WOO HOO!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stupendous Stamper!!~ Day 6

Hey ya'll!! Tonight was "stampin up" night!!! I am in a Stamp Group and we get together once a month, on Monday's.  It was great fun!! Tonight was MY "hostess month" and I brought no bake cookies to share...didn't eat any there of course!!! :) Pretty proud of that... It was a fun night though!! Made a few fun cards & hung out!! Got my mind out of the "food gutter" :)

I weighed in this morning...only .1 That is NOT going to stop me!! :) It's all about how I feel inside, right? I eventually will continue to lose...I think not drinking all the water I'm supposed to has a lot to do with my I'm doing it was my TOM :) Lucky me!!!

I feel pretty good tonight, I feel satisfied. I made a small steak when I got home, it was 9p, but I was pretty hungry & didn't want to go to bed dreaming about food & then be hungry in thr morning.  It's hard to go to bed hungry when you know in your mind that you can't eat again until lunch the next day...but every day is a new day!! A challenge sometimes, but still I wake up & think to myself TODAY WILL BE GREAT!! And usually... *laughs at myself* it is! :) Like I've said many times before, I am not perfect, nor claim to be...but happiness & optimism are two things I DO want out of this FABU-LOSS journey (thanks Brenna for the fabuloss!)  Even though I think about food a LOT... (probably because I can't have what I'm usually craving) it puts things into perspective...everything shouldn't be revolved around what I can or cannot eat. I try & keep my mind occupied (with this Blog for instance!) It has helped a lot!!

I hope the Monday blues didn't keep anyone away!! I hope you had a great day & I can't wait to write you tomorrow!!! Ta-ta for now!! XOXO

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday ~ Day 5

Better than yesterday, that's fo SHO!!! :) I weighed in and only down .4, that's OKAY!!! Mom and I did our measurements (just to see) and I'm down 8 inches all over!!! That made up for the weight part!! How exciting!!!

Today I was trying to just get through the day, no breakdowns!! :) I drank most of my water (still have 2 hours until beddy bye time) and I'm happy about that!! Two things that are really important on this diet are 1-Getting 8 hours of sleep....people say they notice a difference in their weight if they don't sleep 8 hours. 2- WATER! WATER! WATER! It feels you up & it's GREAT for you!! So I'm going to do those two things for sure from here on out!

I really wish the weekends would last longer....sometimes they just fly by way too fast!! :) I went to Bunko on Friday & Saturday I basically was a lazy bum for most of the day as well as today...but that's my favorite part of Sundays!! BUMDAYS!! :) I couldn't believe all the wind & rain I heard last was kind of cool!! I normally don't like rain, but we definitely could use some!!! :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend & hopefully I'll have something amazing to say tomorrow, today's blog is kind of blah :) SORRIES!! Thank you for reading anyway!!


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello there!! The sun isn't out, but it definitely IS Fall!! It's nice, because it's not too cold (during the day) but it sure did come fast!! Utah weather!! :)

Today has been a good day so far!! I woke up, I didn't have as big a migraine as the past 4 days, so that was good!!! I got my much needed windshield replaced...for FREE! And to top it off....I weighed in and I am now down 9lbs!! WAYYYYYY worth the NOT eating of the delicious tasty treats last night!!! I would have really cried on the scale if I had. I don't want any regrets. :)

I will tell you that I did something naughty today, at first I was beating myself up, but then I wasn't THAT bad & I can move on!! I took my drops this morning, by 11ish I was STARVING!! And I mean SO hungry that I wanted to just find the first thing & eat it!!! But...I chose to get the crackers we're aloud to have (2 mind you) and here is where the naughty part comes....I'm like these need a little put a ONE piece of *bowing head in shame* processed cheese and split it between the two crackers. It DID satisfy my hunger until lunch, but I was like...why am I doing this? After it was said and done...I was over it. I'm going to make mistakes, I am NOT perfect! And going from the however many thousands of calories I was eating before to 500 a DAYYYY....I'm doing pretty dang good!!! So what, if I ate the piece of cheese?? I did good at lunch & will not beat myself up over it :)

I am feeling full right now and it's 3pm...I ate at about this is okay :) This process is just taking some getting used to. It's hard, I won't is one of the hardest things I've had to do!! I'm sure you all know what it feels like to want something you can't have....times that by 10!! :) But like I say!!
NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!! And I know I will be SO happy I did this & feel so proud!! So I'm treading forward!! :)


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~Walt Emerson

Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.

Gordon B. Hinckley

Religious Leader, 1910-2008, LDS President

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tempting Friday!!

Let me just begin by saying....THIS IS HARD!!!! :) I honestly can't picture someone actually liking eating like this! LOL Lost another few lbs...which brings my total (this morning) to -6.5 lbs!!!!  Knowing I've done that makes this all worth while... let me tell you what my temptations were tonight!!! I went to play Bunko for my Mom....and it's's chilly of course they're going to have YUMMY, SAVORY food at Bunko!!! Soup, breadsticks, chocolate brownies, eclairs that looked like pumpkins, seriously!!! I looked at ate with my eyes :) And boyyyyyy do I feel proud!!!! I am SO happy!!!! I didn't sneak a bite of anything!!! I brought a bottle of water and I kept it in my hands like a baby. At the tables at Bunko they have treats....I LOVE TREATS!!!! I didn't touch a thing!!! That is serious will power!! I'm not even trying to say I'm the bomb dot com.....(okay maybe a teeeeeeeeeensie bit) but really, can you blame me????? That was my hardest thing so far!!! I think it will get easier as time goes by, but I just don't ever want to lose my self control. I have never, in my entire life been so dedicated to losing weight. I did do WW at the beginning of the year for 3 months...but it was not my best work. I lost, but I cheated too. So this time is really proving to shine for me. I just hope the scale rewards me (even a teensie bit) tomorrow morning!!

**Stepping off my pedestal now**

I want to say a thank you to ALL of my family & friends who have been SO supportive!! I truly have appreciated it & needed it!!! Love you all!! xoxo

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day dos!! Down 4.2!!!

Hey!! Today was a fabulous day!!! It started great on the scale...down.... 4.2 lbs!!!! I probably haven't told you all, but MY goal is to lose 50 lbs....I'm sure it won't happen in one cycle (meaning I will do another round of this, if things continue great!) Every day is a new day  & any OUNCE I lose is happiness I GAIN!! No shame in my game!! :)

There are a few negatives, that I've been experiencing....and I'm sure a few of you have heard my complaining (I'm sorry!) I've woken up with a headache every single day this week...I'm not fully sure it's from the hcg....I think it is a mix of NO caffeine & my dang darn jaw!! I get all of the lovely "genetic type thingies" from my dad!! Lucky me!! Why couldn't I have his side of the families body frame!? Because God put me here to write this blog & be happy with who I am!! And darn dungit!! I'm gonna do it!! So the jaw thing...I have some TMJ....the left side of my jaw cracks & you can totally see it come out when I chew...hard to explain, but it AIN'T pretty!! :) HAHAH! Thus, the headaches...I think I also grind my teeth at headaches and teeth (not sure it's really my teeth, just the nerves from the jaw--so my FABULOUS dentist tells me--truly I love him!) and not being able to eat very much, don't bring the best in me. So even though today was fabulous on the scale, I wasn't my sweet self (and don't any of you laugh about the sweet comment can!) but tomorrow is a new day....I did visit my favorite Dr (the dentist) this week & got fitted for a mouth piece...which should arrive in a few weeks, along with the pretty penny I'm paying for it...cross your fingers it gets here sooner!!!

Anyway!! Again I want to thank all of you for you support & love on this journey of mine. I apologize now if I'm ever a B*word to you...I'm eating like nothing, so SORRY!! :) haha!! I <3 this!! I really truly do & I will be better, physically, mentally & emotionally when this is complete!!! :) I cannot wait!! And If I look how I picture myself looking, I WILL post a really GREAT pic!! HAHAH!! This is an AWESOME diet and no matter how hungry I may get, I know that in the end (and with a lot of patience & "sticking to it") I will be SO much happier with myself & it will be an amazing experience!!! *sorry if this blog is jacked's late & i'm tired...but promised I would write daily, so this is what i've got :) thank you *