Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore!

Maaaaaaaaaaaan!! What a windy night it's been!!! Today was a long day.... :) Work is slow, which kind of makes the day drag :) HAHA! I gained .4 today...not sure why!? I'm not upset, kind of curious though..so I'm going to try REEEEEEEEEEEAL hard to drink my water....I do not know why it's so hard for me lol....

I went & visited a cute friend of mine tonight after work..Bev.  I worked with her at Ross & she's an adorable seventy-something lady!! I just love her!! She has a heart of gold!!! She lost her husband in May & I hadn't heard about it until after...and I'm HORRIBLE at calling people, until yesterday.  I was thinking about her, so I picked up the phone & called. Asked if I could come visit tomorrow (today) and so I did!! We talked & talked :) Finally 7 came & went...(I had told her I needed to leave by then to fix dinner...) she ended up making ME dinner!! And it was on plan!! We had chicken & the best gosh darn frozen asparagus you could ever ask for!!! :) Thank you sweet Bev for a wonderful night!!! I'm so glad I know you & you made my night brighter.... XOXO

I drank water tonight, like it was the last thing I'd ever get to drink!!! Hopefully someone notices that!! If I gain on the scale tomorrow...I'm doing an apple day on Thursday :) I can't be stuck at 15 lbs forever!! :) LOL

Love & kisses :)

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  1. Can't always have a loss. I'm with you on that one today. Drink your water! Love you, Steph!