Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 27 ? I think!

Today was a pretty good day....It was FRIDAY!! Thank heavens!! Work has been slow! :) I got a regular salad from Chili's (for lunch) & asked for NO cheese & NO croutons...I forgot to say no carrots, but that's because I forget they were on there. But I used a TINSY bit of not even a tablespoon.  And I bought some chicken at the store that had zero sugars & carbs.  It was a pretty good meal! :) I had an orange to go with it :)

Dinner...not so much...had some personal issues and decided to make eggs as my protein....didn't end up eating them (back to the personal issue) and I'll save them for tomorrow... I AM hungry though!!! I went & saw the movie Saw VI....yeah I know, sick & twisted...but for some reason...I like them! Anyway, it was good! Gory, but good.  The whole time I'm thinking about food though!! AHHHH! lol. One day....I won't worry about what ANYONE says..... & eat WHAT I want, WHEN I want..... If I choose to eat healthy, that's my choice...if I choose to eat a fat slice of pizza....again, MY choice :) For now....I choose the 500 calories...I only have a week to go and I CAN & I WILL DO IT!


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  1. Holy crap day 27! Way to go, that is phenominal!!! Keep at a healthy lifestyle, do not forget how good you feel and how triumphant you have become! You skinny lil warrior princess! You are totally going to win!

    I know the food part has been weighing heavy, it's a matter of time but I promise it does get easier the longer you stick with it. I remember the first time I lost 50 lbs and I had this cheat of pizza (it was my birthday) it was seriously NASTY. It took a while but it got to where the idea of ever seeing greasy food was something I gave up on, and I didn't really crave it... But someone decided that I should reward myself and have a major cheat...And to this day I don't know how I fell back onto the bad eating lifestyle. I think a lot of it is just thinking we are missing out on something... then we cheat and we realize we didn't really MISS anything, but it's just so much more convenient. Then when you fall on old ways your taste buds change and you're used to it, by that point you're like "I did all this for nothing?" (It's an ongoing process) For now, don't do what's easy do what's right... and that's making yourself happy! Hit those goals, I promise it gets easier. Lets hit those goals together and keep it off for good! :D