Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thriller....Fun filled Date & Bday Oh mY!!

Mom & I had a fun date tonight!! She came to my work & we were off to Whole Foods to find something hcg-worthy.  No we decided to go to Ruby River! Yum!  We shared a steak & she had a lettuce wedge & I had broccoli. NO CHEATING! :) I just hope & pray that there was NO butter on my broccoli.  After dinner we were off!!! To see...... Thriller!!!  It was done by Odyssey Dance Theater, at Kingsbury Hall by the U.  Great show!!! So much fun! :) Thanks Mom, for being my date!!

I got on the scale this morning & was a titch nervous...since I had gained the night before *for whatever reason* & eating at Bev's last night...just made me nervous. I didn't cheat, but we didn't have a scale to weigh the chicken either...but I got on the scale & to my surprise...... down 1.1lbs!!! I couldn't believe it!! I checked it 3 times just to be sure!!! :) Yayyy! I was a happy camper :)

Chicken at Bev's = happiness on the scale!! LOL

*A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIELLE, MY GOOD FRIEND!!* I hope you had an abSOULutely wonderful day!!!! :)


  1. I find it impossible to eat healthy when i eat out. I'm truly impressed, good job. you deserve a mega pat on the back.

  2. I am sooooo retarded! I'm sorry I didn't see this when you posted! Horrible friend, I am! Will you forgive me!

    Thanks for the B-day Shoutout! I love ya girlie!