Friday, October 2, 2009

Tempting Friday!!

Let me just begin by saying....THIS IS HARD!!!! :) I honestly can't picture someone actually liking eating like this! LOL Lost another few lbs...which brings my total (this morning) to -6.5 lbs!!!!  Knowing I've done that makes this all worth while... let me tell you what my temptations were tonight!!! I went to play Bunko for my Mom....and it's's chilly of course they're going to have YUMMY, SAVORY food at Bunko!!! Soup, breadsticks, chocolate brownies, eclairs that looked like pumpkins, seriously!!! I looked at ate with my eyes :) And boyyyyyy do I feel proud!!!! I am SO happy!!!! I didn't sneak a bite of anything!!! I brought a bottle of water and I kept it in my hands like a baby. At the tables at Bunko they have treats....I LOVE TREATS!!!! I didn't touch a thing!!! That is serious will power!! I'm not even trying to say I'm the bomb dot com.....(okay maybe a teeeeeeeeeensie bit) but really, can you blame me????? That was my hardest thing so far!!! I think it will get easier as time goes by, but I just don't ever want to lose my self control. I have never, in my entire life been so dedicated to losing weight. I did do WW at the beginning of the year for 3 months...but it was not my best work. I lost, but I cheated too. So this time is really proving to shine for me. I just hope the scale rewards me (even a teensie bit) tomorrow morning!!

**Stepping off my pedestal now**

I want to say a thank you to ALL of my family & friends who have been SO supportive!! I truly have appreciated it & needed it!!! Love you all!! xoxo


  1. what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! How do you feel..physically sound? I am so proud of you, but worry about you. We don't want it to drop off too fast!

  2. Wow, way to go. I need you will power, this diabetic diet I have to been on I have not been really great about sticking to it. You have given me the desire to do just that. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Honestly Danielle, I don't feel awful. I mean I feel great about the weight I have dropped! Physically, I don't feel like I'm gaining any problems. I definitely am watching out. It's a homeopathic drop, so it's all natural. :) Thank you so much Catherine!!! I don't know how I'm doing...I need to ask my Dad for a blessing because I'm afraid I'll get sick of this & stop. But I'm doing good so far, so why stop, right!?

  4. Out with the negative feels! Remember your goals. You wanted to lose weight to FEEL better, right? (Feel better as in looks, health, energy, eating right, whatever your specific goal was). Never forget WHY you chose to do something GOOD for yourself. Think of that eclair as that ex boyfriend you can't stand. He WANTS you to eat it so... walk away!

    On the note of diets, there are soooo many different ones out there. And who's to say one is right or wrong. If you give the HCG a good college try, and it's not working for you, move on to one that you can see as a lifestyle. Don't get too hung up on the human's natural desire to lose fast--faster it comes off is the faster it goes on when you get discouraged. Find something that WORKS with you. Diets are, afterall...calories in, calories out. Every diet is different, some are more strict than others. What truly helps is to find a "treat" in your diet, whether it's an approved fruit that you don't normally eat or a poweraid zero. I call these "cheats that are not cheats". Use these as rewards for those tough times, or even as an end of the week reward. You'd be amazed how much that helps!

    But sistagirl, you're doing FANTASTIC. You have acoomplished a great thing! Keep up the good work, and keep up your positive energy!!