Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Day...

Man, my enthusiasm has just gone through the roof these days!!! (NOT!)  Lost .1 and was PIIIISSED :) I weighed once...weighed twice (the 2nd time it said I lost 1lb) so of course I weight two more times &  it's only .1  BOO HOO HOO!! I can't help but be mad at myself. I'm not as strict as I was...I follow protocol....but when I feel like I'm going ot burst (and want a big slice of pizza) I have a tiny spoon of PB instead. DUMB! But.....I won't lie!! And that isn't helping me move I only have myself to blame.  I fully understand & take responsibility for that....  I want to be the girl I was on Day 1 or Day 7 :( Ugh!!

Two more weeks....actually 12 days....until maintenance....I can do it, but I can't eat PB every day & get to where I want :)

Anyway....enough about diets!!! I went to the most AWESOME Halloween Open House with my Mom!!! It was a co-worker of hers...he lives in Kaysville and his house was completely DECKED OUT!!! Let me load a few pics.... :) Brb :)  BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK :)


  1. Haha you do like me. Check and recheck the scale in case it is lying. And actually it does but I'm not going to get into that. Lady it sounds like your body is ready for maintenence. Give yourself a pat on the back, really. Here's the stupid thing about weight loss (and I've seen it so I can attest fully) you can actually lose fat and not see a scale change, or it will go the wrong direction. Remember the scale only says how much gravity is pulling your body down...the ultimate goal is to: FEEL GOOD and maybe fit into some particular outfit you've been dying to wear. The .1 up/down is your body's way of saying your are normalizing to your diet and that is usually about the time when your body needs a slight increase in calories. So... Congratulations, maybe the calendar didn't say it but your body did. You've MADE it through the 1st part, and the hardest part... *big stadium cheer*

    Those pics delight me. Seems like so many people are not festive this year. Tomorrow is halloween, stay clear of the candy but see the delight of the little ones enjoying the festivities. And have a little spooky fun for yourself, you deserve it!


  2. Don't beat yourself up about .1 Steph! You look good and you have done a lot in a short amount of time. You need to step back and see the big picture. There are only a few more days to go so don't give up when you've come this far! Love you!