Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final HCG week!!

This next week is the last (for now) week of the nasty alcohol-tasting Hcg drops!! I am SO excited!!! A little nervous too, but excited nonetheless!! I am looking forward to adding some variety to my diet!!!

Today was a lovely day! I woke up early & just relaxed.... my good friend Ash came to do my sister's & my nails.  My sister got a pretty purplish color & I got mine black with pumpkins on my thumb nails (inside the acrylic..made with acrylic) and then candy corn on both ring fingers...DARLING!! I <3 them!!!  She is a great nail artist!! She will do anything!!! You know, when you go to a nail salon & some of the girls just won't do the "fun"'s like....borrrring! But Ash does it all!! :)

This past week was Cory's 20 month mark!!! He has 4 month's left on his mission, until my parents go to pick him up!! Do you know how thrilled I am to see my little (big) brother again!? S*T*O*K*E*D!!!

Anyway, another weekend has come & gone....bah-humbug :) Back to the grind...
Have a fabulous Monday & week ya'll!!


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  1. No need to be nervous, you've done the hardest part already! Good job, really!!! I'm going to need some help breaking this funk and taking your lead. You are AWESOME! Give yourself a big pat on the back for me!