Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day dos!! Down 4.2!!!

Hey!! Today was a fabulous day!!! It started great on the scale...down.... 4.2 lbs!!!! I probably haven't told you all, but MY goal is to lose 50 lbs....I'm sure it won't happen in one cycle (meaning I will do another round of this, if things continue great!) Every day is a new day  & any OUNCE I lose is happiness I GAIN!! No shame in my game!! :)

There are a few negatives, that I've been experiencing....and I'm sure a few of you have heard my complaining (I'm sorry!) I've woken up with a headache every single day this week...I'm not fully sure it's from the hcg....I think it is a mix of NO caffeine & my dang darn jaw!! I get all of the lovely "genetic type thingies" from my dad!! Lucky me!! Why couldn't I have his side of the families body frame!? Because God put me here to write this blog & be happy with who I am!! And darn dungit!! I'm gonna do it!! So the jaw thing...I have some TMJ....the left side of my jaw cracks & you can totally see it come out when I chew...hard to explain, but it AIN'T pretty!! :) HAHAH! Thus, the headaches...I think I also grind my teeth at headaches and teeth (not sure it's really my teeth, just the nerves from the jaw--so my FABULOUS dentist tells me--truly I love him!) and not being able to eat very much, don't bring the best in me. So even though today was fabulous on the scale, I wasn't my sweet self (and don't any of you laugh about the sweet comment can!) but tomorrow is a new day....I did visit my favorite Dr (the dentist) this week & got fitted for a mouth piece...which should arrive in a few weeks, along with the pretty penny I'm paying for it...cross your fingers it gets here sooner!!!

Anyway!! Again I want to thank all of you for you support & love on this journey of mine. I apologize now if I'm ever a B*word to you...I'm eating like nothing, so SORRY!! :) haha!! I <3 this!! I really truly do & I will be better, physically, mentally & emotionally when this is complete!!! :) I cannot wait!! And If I look how I picture myself looking, I WILL post a really GREAT pic!! HAHAH!! This is an AWESOME diet and no matter how hungry I may get, I know that in the end (and with a lot of patience & "sticking to it") I will be SO much happier with myself & it will be an amazing experience!!! *sorry if this blog is jacked's late & i'm tired...but promised I would write daily, so this is what i've got :) thank you *

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