Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2~ Still "Loading"

Today is my last "indulgence" day!! Scarrrry!! But also fun & exciting!!! I really haven't been indulging too much, I'm sure I can make up for yesterday with a few calories today :) Today my jaw has been hurting (not due to the hcg of course) and has set back my optimism a level or two, but I will be on track and ready to roll (Literally! losing the rolls lol) tomorrow!!! Thank you for all the support I've been getting by you guys!! I truly will need you during this process and I know I can count on you!!

Let me just tell you...the HCG...well...whoever told me it was flavor-less was lying!! Jk Connie!!!! lol. It smells and tastes like VODKA!!!! (Not that I would know lol) But...after the burn under my tongue goes away, I am back to normal!! Okay I'm exagerating just a titch..but it truly is not tasteless!! :) That's okay, if it helps me achieve my goals...bring on the BURN!!!  Burn baby burn!! :)

I feel like I may need some fabulous quotes to get me along, thank you Sherra for sharing the one yesterday!! That was great!!! If anyone has any that they would be willing to share on a weekly basis (I'm sure daily would be asking too much & I should be dealing out the quotes here!) that would rock my boat!!! I will share some too as I find them!! And they don't even need to be about dieting.....this can just be a fun thing to share with friends & family!! Who doesn't love positivity & optimism!?! I'm pretty sure I couldn't name a single person.

I plan on finishing my day with a a nice piece of pumpkin cheesecake (leftovers from my traditional bday dessert) & something very delightful for dinner!!! Ahhh... I CAN do this!! :) Until next time....keep on curvin :)


  1. Okay...so I just ate my "last supper" lol spaghetti with Italian sausage & parmesan & romano sauce with garlic bread. I am STUFFED like a like a turkey on Thanksgiving day!! I'm going to miss eating my favorite meals, but I am going to LOVVVVVE being lighter, even more!!! :) Just thought I'd share that :) xoxo

  2. We can do this, Steph! You're a great writer, by the way!

  3. lol Thanks Mom, you're a great....MOM!! :) xoxo