Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rapidly coming off!

Day 4!!! So far, so good!!  Sorry I haven't posted every day...I was going to try & just sometimes doesnt work out that way!  I have lost a total of 5.8lbs so far!! I'm pretty happy about that.  I only hope it continues....a pound a day would be wonderful, but I know when I did this before it didn't happen that way. I can only go day-by-day!

It is SO hard to be good...but with the LBS coming off & summer around the block....I have to do this!!! I am a sugar fanatic!! I could probably go without the bread, but sugar is my frienemy!!! LOL  I love bread too, but sugar comes first I think! :)

I went to the gym tonight for about a half hour....hope it doesn't eff anything up....we're technically not supposed to work out on this diet....but it was just the we will see!! :)

Thanks to everyone who reads my posts.....I know they're not creative....but I'll get there.   The more response I get, the more I will try!! I don't want to talk to myself here!! HAHAH



  1. Good Job sis!! You are really motivated & are going to be very successful with this diet :)

  2. Stephanie, continued good luck with your diet. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I don't know you-but I actually thought you were someone else of Jess's blog, but just had to comment. If you are doing the diet that I think that you are doing then I have some great info for you-I have done it 4 times and just finished yesterday and today is my first day of "real eating" I can honestly say that this time I worked out 3 hours a week like I would have if I wasn't on the diet and it really helped in my inches. I lost over 22 inches total, and have never felt better. I have a lot of food tips so if you would like me to tell you about them facebook me (amy wight) or email me at I assume you are safe because you know Jess. Good luck it is the hardest thing, but in the end well worth it!!!!