Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A non-diet post :)

Christmas time is around the corner, therefore I have to be somewhat festive & use a little Holiday Cheer (color) :) Yippee!!

The other day, my cute friend Kristie came to my house to see me. Mind you, (not to throw a pity party) my friends don't everrrrr come up my way, so it was a very *nice* change!!! Thanks, Kris!!!

Anyway, we had plans to go see Blind Side & go to dinner....we decided to get some shopping in too.  We went to the mall & walked around, it was just fun.  We decided on Outback for dinner, YUMM-O :)  We had our salads & steaks, chit chatted & decided to walk around Target before our movie.  The movie was REEEEEEALLY good!! It was 2 hours long, so kind of a long time to sit in the theater seats, but still a really great movie.  I loved it! :)

We got in my car, to take us back to her car at my house.  I'm driving on the freeway, the roads aren't icy or anything, but still kind of scary.  If you know Utah...there is construction EVERYWHERE!! When they said 8 years of construction, they really meant 15!!! :) So I'm driving cautiously (speed is 55mph) and I'm going around this curve &  see this car speeding SO fast behind me...they get into the fast lane & are just roaring. I'm like "idiots" and keep driving...then I see ANOTHER car speeding even faster & I'm like "Where are the cops when you need them?" and as this second car is flying by, I notice it's a PO!!!!! Boy oh boy!! My blood is racing!! It's like I'm running a marathon!! I'm SO excited!! And hopeful that the cop is going to pull that speed demon over!!! (I'm not a perfect driver myself, I've had my share of speed-fests...but not in this weather) I saw that the first car got into the slowest lane...and the lights on the cop car hadn't gone off yet...I couldn't see the cop anymore and I thought I saw the car get off at my exit.....I'm like darn. And I get off the freeway and the car is being pulled over!!! I literally SCREAMED!! YES! YES! YES!! Like I had just won the lottery, for crying out loud!! I'm in the wrong career!!! :) I was SO happy about that..... Later my friend called me & said that car was being arrested. Well that just made my entire night. Peace be with you my fellow Utahn....I hope whatever it is you were running away from, was worth it. Some people!!! :)

Ta-ta! :) <3

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